“What is going on in their head?” a commonly asked question when it comes to our feathered pigeon friends and their slightly hypnotic, moderately creepy, and always incessant head bobbing. After years of extensive research on the topic an answer has finally been found, and that answer is music (and probably also bread, but mostly music).

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Headbangers Rhythm Royale lets you experience the pigeon-verse first hand. Transporting you – feathers and all – to a world fit to burst with music, melodies, and a medley of chaotic mini-games that will test your memory, rhythm, reflexes, reaction time, and (obviously) your ability to rap on command.

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With 23 musical minigames to test your pigeon prowess against, there’s loafs of content to sink your beak into. The mini games will pit you against 29 other player-controlled pigeons, with each round whittling the flock down more and more until just one, the Master Headbanger, reigns victorious.

Peeking into the psyche of a pigeon makes for an exhilarating experience – you’ll need to showcase your im-peck-able memory skills in Yes Commander; master the piano with a slingshot in First Piano Shooter; and be the first to blast off into the solar system in To The Sky to name just a few of the joys that await.

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With the free in-game pigeon pass, your efforts on and off the dancefloor will be generously rewarded, by collecting delicious breadcrumbs, (please take our word for it and don’t try and eat them), and in game XP, earned through collecting powerups in game, and acing the bonus rounds sprinkled between mini games, you’ll level up, unlocking unique customisation to help you prune your pigeon to perfection.

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With your wings piled high with your hard-earned breadcrumbs, your next stop is sure to be the pigeon store – outfits, hats, glasses, voices, taunts, and more are on the menu, and the mixture of full outfits and individual items, makes for thousands of unique pigeon designs. Want to see T-rex arms on a pigeon? You got it. Or how about an Elvis pigeon? We’ll take one of those, thank you, thank you very much. Castle costume? Your princess can’t be in another castle if you are the castle.

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It’s time for you to pigeon dive headfirst into the world of Headbangers Rhythm Royale as it is out now on Xbox Consoles via Xbox Game Pass. Dress up your pigeon, take to the dancefloor, and put your best foot forward as you battle to be the Master Headbanger.  

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Headbangers: Rhythm Royale



Be the best Pigeon in the coop! Show off your style with our Pre Order Exclusive Sombrero! Included in the preorder is a stylish Sombrero in Green. About this game: Have you ever looked at a Pigeon and thought, “what is going on in your head?” Well, think no more! Headbangers puts you and 29 others into the eye of the Pigeon while you battle it out in rhythmic challenges to find out who is the ultimate Master Headbanger. Compete against each other in mind- bending musical minigames, screw over your competitors with powerups, and collect Crumbs to customise your very own Pigeon! Gameplay Features: Minigames: Grab your friends and battle through minigame madness through online cross platform multiplayer. With 23 minigames across 4 rounds, each Headbangers level contains a new challenge with a stimulating and unique musical twist! Each round escalates in difficulty, progressing musical frenzy until the final round– keep as cool as a coo-cumber and get that bread! Minigames will test your memory, rhythm, reflexes, reaction time and most importantly… your rap ability! Simple controls paired with engaging gameplay, means this musical party is available for all! Customisation: Design your Pigeon from hundreds of unique items, including outfits, hats, glasses, voices, taunts and more. For every game you play, you earn Crumbs which can be spent in the Shop to purchase full costumes, costume items, taunts, sounds and more! Your Pigeon is your common canvas to mix and match items, allowing players to create and craft your ultimate Pigeon masterpiece, just like the famous painters Pigecasso and Michelangelcrow. Found yourself at the top of the leader board? Besting your friends? Be sure to spend those hard-earned Crumbs on some in game taunts to rub your wins in your fellow Pigeon’s faces, making your victories so much sweeter! Progression: Complete challenges to unlock customisation for your pigeon and progress through the in-game battle pass. Collecting Crumbs and XP through in game powerups, extra bonus rounds, and completing rounds will help you be the most stylish bird in the flock! Cross play + Multiplayer: Play with up to 30 Pigeons on any platform. No matter your friend’s device of choice to play on, you can flock together, battling it out to see who is crowned the Master Headbanger!

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