The Fintech Founders series, presented by our sister publication Fintech Futures, features fintech and financial services veterans sharing their insights and experiences on a range of topics important to businesses in our industry.

Today we share five conversations on fintech funding featuring our panel our fintech experts. As part of our Funding Series of discussions, our panelists talk about issues such as: bootstrapping versus external funding, finding the right investment partners, the importance of producing significant growth, as well as tips for entrepreneurs and surprises our panelists encountered in their own journeys in fintech and financial services.

Our Fintech Founders panelists:

Our five conversations:

Acquiring Funding – Bootstrapping vs External

Ideal Investors – Finding the Right Partnership

Funding Strategy – Producing Significant Growth

Tips & Surprises – From Founder’s Experiences

Rewind & Fast Forward – Managing & Predicting

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