Are you looking for a successful and seamless supply chain solutions implementation? Look no further. Governance and stakeholder alignment is key to success and several factors are important for that alignment.

Selecting the right partner is key to establishing a long-term relationship; and a team of engagement managers dedicated to the implementation is necessary to liaise between the project teams and the executive level. Understanding the expected goals of an implementation is important, as is mitigating potential delays by focusing on the project on a daily basis to make sure expected goals are met. Focusing on a handful of key project measures that tie back to a company’s financial health, its operational performance, and/or human resources efficiency is another key to the success of supply chain solutions implementations. Defining the desired outcomes of a project early on helps the teams focus on driving toward those key performance indicators (KPIs).  Executives who are funding the project need to be informed of project decisions and progress at each phase. It’s also important to have a company’s IT team involved at the strategic level. The IT organization becomes an immediate and key project stakeholder.  And, securing executive support for access to comprehensive and well-maintained data across supply chains is essential for planning, optimization, and collaboration efforts with trading partners, making availability of the right data a strategic asset for executives. 

Logility presents, in detail, factors as outlined above that ensure alignment to promote supply chain success.

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