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TAZI AI is a machine learning (ML) platform, enabling business experts and data scientists to build and deploy ML models with patented continuous learning and explainable AI.


  • Easy to use: can be used by business users who don’t have data science training
  • Time to value: deploy models in less than two weeks
  • Adaptive: adapts to changes in data

Why it’s great

A no-code ML platform for business experts (and data scientists) to create, update and deploy ML models, allowing them to make smart decisions in dynamic business environments.

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Zehra Cataltepe, CEO & Co-Founder
Cataltepe is a computer science expert with a Ph.D from CALTECH, democratizing AI across industries. She has 100+ publications in the field of AI and 14 patents.

Source: https://finovate.com/finovateeurope-2023-sneak-peek-tazi-ai/