Lisbon-based Goparity has announced a €2 million investment round as impact investing continues to pick up international traction. The fintech company plans to take its impact-driven mission to international reach with fresh cash, spreading its positive impact on people and the planet to new markets. 

Founded in 2017, Goparity is a fintech platform with a difference. The Lisbon-based firm is creating a ‘green bank’ – a platform that brings together social and environmental impact projects looking for funding with people who want to invest in sustainability. 

Across the world, we are seeing more consciousness in investing. ClimateTech, GreenTech and impact-led innovation are now high on the agenda and it’s welcoming a new era of positive change for the planet and people. Goparity is helping drive forward this change with its platform, and it’s now ready to supercharge international growth with this new investment. 

Funding details

  • €2 million investment round led by MSM (Mustard Seed MAZE) together with Schneider Electric Energy Access (SEEA) and an equity crowdfunding campaign.
  • Follows a successful crowdfunding campaign in the summer where it raised €1.2 million in just one hour
  • €600k came from investors within the platform’s users 

Goparity’s main mission is to democratize access to sustainable finance. The platform connects companies and individuals who want to invest in projects that leave a positive impact. So far, Goparity has gathered over 30k users from over 70 countries. 

Nuno Brito Jorge, Founder and CEO of Goparity: “We are very pleased with this achievement, at a time when raising capital has been difficult for so many companies all over the world. With this round, we want to take Goparity to the next level: bringing impact finance to our users’ daily lives so that they can, in every investment, account, or transaction be sure that their money is being used in line with their values.”

Aside from helping fuel a new wave of impact investment, Goparity is also empowering a more diverse investment outlook – one that is more gender-equal and youth-friendly – and it’s creating a community-led approach to impact. For example, in the crowdfunding campaign, 69% were aged 18-40 and of the top 10 investors, 4 were women, including the highest individual investor. 

Nuno Brito Jorge: “We deeply believe a company like ours, focused on collective investments for environmental and social impact will greatly benefit from being partly owned by the community it serves. Therefore, in addition to institutional investors, we decided to lead by example and give our community the opportunity to be shareholders of the company too.”

This raise will help further the fintech firm’s mission, and it comes after an exciting year. In 2022, Goparity reported that it doubled its turnover and had about €10.4 million invested through its platform. These projects have already positively impacted almost 200k people, created 7000 jobs and helped prevent the emissions of over 23k tons of CO2. Clearly, the company is on to something and it’s exciting to see. 

According to António Miguel, from MSM: “GoParity sits at the forefront of consumer preferences towards allocating their financial resources, savings, and plans into impactful financial products, which is demonstrated by the growth of GoParity’s impact and usage over the past year. This is coupled with an outstanding team whose ethos and values are as strong as their capacity to execute at extreme levels of efficiency”.

This round will be used to boost growth, primarily to expand across Europe and North America, namely Spain and Canada, as well as to develop new financial products. 

Marta Carneiro Enes, from SEEA: “Goparity provides an alternative and easily accessible way for impact companies to finance their sustainable projects by democratizing impact investment. SEEA is particularly sensitive to the financing of sustainable energy and social economy initiatives as well as to Goparity’s contribution to European projects dedicated to energy justice and to tackle energy poverty.”

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