MyCointainer Power is an add-on feature on MyCointainer platform that enables users to solely concentrate on their assets and rewards with performance, updates, and maintenance cost is taken care of. With MyCointainer Power, you’re able to access all PoS & Masternode coins hosted on MyCointainer. 

For starters, MyCointainer employs both PoS coins and Masternodes to enable users to hold crypto on the platform and consequently generate substantial profits. Basically, MyCointainer Power combines both Proofs of Stake coins & Masternode to make MyCointainer a single, simple, rewarding solution. Thanks to MyCointainer Power, all you need to do is deposit coins on the platform, sit back, and watch your rewards grow. 

What are the Perks of MyCointainer Power Plan? 

MyCointainer Power is an essential feature on the platform and offers several benefits. Most importantly, the feature enables users to earn 100% of all rewards since all staking fees are reduced to 0%. On most staking platforms, the rewards are typically based on the consensus rule of each coin. 

The reward generating process is usually automated. While some investments have rewards of up to 9%, some totally lack reward fees. MyCointainer is quite different from other staking platforms when it comes to rewards, thanks to MyCointainer Power Plan, users earn 100% rewards on all PoS coins regardless of the coin. The annual returns on MyCointainer vary from 1% to 149%, with the entire investing and reward generating process being 100% automated. 

MyCointainer Power also allows users to access a shared node platform that provides access to shared masternode staking for a wide variety of coins. Each earned reward is subjected to compound interest allowing users to earn even more from their staking. 

Packages of the Mycointainer Power Plan 

Mycointainer Power constitutes two primary packages: Power Plus and Power Max. 

1. Power Plus Package 

The Power Plus charged at 3.90 € per month allows subscribers to access shared masternode, which has access to all assets. The package also covers the cost of running all nodes allowing you to solely focus on your assets & rewards without worrying about updates or platform maintenance. You also get 100% on all rewards since 0% staking fees are charged on all assets. 

By subscribing to the package, users also help the community on various packages, including assisting adoption, enabling developers’ community funds, among others. However, the package doesn’t have provision for VIP Giveaways & Offers or Rewards Match Promise, which are only available on the Power Max package. 

2. Power Max Package 

The Power Max plan is more superior than the Power Plus package and comes with several perks. The package is charged as 8.90 € per month and gives subscribers access to VIP giveaways as well as Reward Match Promise. 

With the VIP Giveaways and Offers, users are offered at least one giveaway each month worth up to $500. The Rewards Match Promise functions to match rewards depending on the solo masternode/staking. These perks are offered on top of the features offered by the Power Plus plan. 

How to Activate MyCointainer Power 

To activate MyCointainer Power, you should first select the subscription type (whether Power Plus or Power Max). Then, select your preferred payment method and pay off your subscription, and you will be automatically subscribed to your preferred Power plan.   

How to Deactivate MyCointainer Power 

You can cancel MyCointainer Power subscription anytime you want. To deactivate, touch the deactivate tab on your MyCointainer Account, and the subscription will be canceled. 

Final Thoughts 

MyCointainer Power is yet another feature that makes MyCointainer stand out from the rest of the staking platforms available today. Most importantly, this feature makes users earn 100% of the rewards as all staking fee charges are reduced to 0%. 

In addition, users enhance their earning since the rewards are subjected to compound interest. This feature is really at the core of the MyCointainer platform, and any avid users should strive to subscribe to either the Power Plus package or the Power Max package to fully utilize the platform and maximize rewards.