The last game day of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship quarterfinals showed us that no team is safe from elimination this time around.

Even if the roster is underestimated versus other LCK monsters like Gen.G, T1, and DWG KIA, DRX has absolutely surprised most viewers’ predictions going into the event. However this feat was not an easy one by any means, DRX managed to reverse sweep the defending world champions EDG in a best of five series that saw both teams give their all. 

The history behind this head to head was exhilarating, an underdog looking to become a global contender while the defending champions try to keep their second title run alive.

Deft played alongside Scout and Meiko under the EDG brand back in 2015 and 2016, where the bot laner made a huge fan base with his aggressive and all in style of play. Swiftly establishing EDG as the best LPL team this 2 years.

Nevertheless one split after, Deft decided to come back to his home country Korea and the LCK, where he continued to show he is one of the best bot laners in the World by taking 1 LCK title and multiple playoff finishes along the way.

Most of the series was dependent on adaptability from DRX’s support main, BeryL, who brought newly practiced champions in order to throw a curveball at EDG, including Heimerdinger, Ashe, and Soraka. He was absolutely camped by EDG and killed multiple times, however BeryL’s true colors started to show in the mid game when he started to roam for picks throughout the map.

Nevertheless, the spotlight was set on the bot lane matchup where everything would define the outcome of the game and overall series. Deft versus Viper was evenly matched throughout the entire series especially in the laning phase.

In game 2 of the series, Deft searched for a backdoor to EDG’s Nexus after a close game that saw both teams tested to the edge. However everything went wrong for the veteran, as he was literally one auto attack short from destroying the enemy nexus before EDG’s inhibitor respawned, thus surviving and ultimately giving EDG the victory.

Viewers thought it was over for Deft and DRX, but he found one last bit of strength left in the tank, this time as Draven.The bot laner calmed DRX into playing a slow yet methodical style of play, which saw the squad gather kills in the bot lane. Ultimately giving Deft enough gold to close the game in clutch fashion.

Going into game 4 Pyosik’s Sejuani was the catalyst to finish a comeback, EDG simply was not able to get through the hyper tank. Pyosik even was able to steal a Baron buff that would have absolutely helped EDG close the game out.

At last in the finishing game of the series, both teams looked to close things out once and for all. But it was DRX’s rookie mid laner Zeka who stole the show. With his staple Sylas, Zeka utilized enemies’ ultimates to dash through the team fights catching EDG’s carries while surviving on the brink of death. With a final quadra kill highlight, Zeka shows his potential to perform under heavy pressure and establishes himself as a top caliber mid laner with more years of competitive play to come.
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