Does cooking with weed get you more high? It’s a natural questions if you’ve ever eaten an edible and experience its effects compared to smoking a joint.

While the weed that you may be consuming is the same, the manner in which you consumer it can lead to different effects.

However, what do those effects look like when you’re in the kitchen.

And most importantly in this post, does cooking with weed get you more high?

We’ll break down the science of cooking with weed and how digesting weed can get you more high than you think.

cannabutter being used to cook with weed

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The Science of Cooking With Weed

Cooking with weed may seem intimidating, but by understanding a few key concepts it’s actually quite simple.The science of cooking with weed revolves around extracting the psychoactive compounds, or cannabinoids, from the plant and bringing them into our cooking.

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The only way you can ingest the full above spectrum of cannabis is to go through a process called decarboxylation. Decarboxylation is the chemical reaction that breaks down an acid and releases carbon dioxide gas when heated.

When cooking with weed, this process is essential to extracting those all-important cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

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What happens next?

After decarboxylation, you will want to slowly melt your cannabis in butter or fat so all of the cannabinoids have time to be released into the cooking fat without creating any smoke or burning off flavor profiles.

Once ready, you can drop your cannabinoid-infused cooking fat or oil into any recipe you’d like for an out of this world cooking experience!

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Digestion of Cannabis

Cannabis is incredibly versatile, offering a wide range of effects when consumed in different ways. Instead of smoking it, cooking with weed can create a totally distinct set of feelings for the user.

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As ingested cannabinoids like THC pass through the digestive system, they are metabolized differently resulting in slower release of the drug into the bloodstream and therefore longer-lasting effects.

Of course, the intensity will depend on dosage and the strength of the weed used – cooking with lower potency varieties won’t lead to major psychoactive experiences.

However, bear in mind that cooking with weed does require more patience as opposed to other forms of consumption as you may not feel its effects for up to 2 hours afterwards.

Rather than an immediate high experienced through smoking, digestion produces a well-rounded sensation which often seeps in slowly over periods of time.

Does Cooking With Weed Get You More High?

Cooking with weed is becoming more and more common amongst the cannabis community. After all, cooking dishes with cannabutter or oil gives you the benefit of being able to regulate the dosage yourself. Depending on what strain of weed you use, cooking with it can bring about certain effects more powerfully than if you were to just smoke it – for instance, cooking edibles can make your body feel heavier and more relaxed in ways that smoking can’t.

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cannabis brownies cooking with weed

That’s why cooking with weed is so appealing; you get to experience the same high but get to enjoy different sensations at the same time.

Ultimately, cooking with weed provides for a unique and powerful experience that no other method of consumption can provide.

How to Get More High From Ingesting Weed.

Eating marijuana is one of the most popular and effective ways to get high. The easiest way to get more out of that munchies-inducing experience is to cooking with your weed. Not only can cooking with marijuana make it easier for your body to absorb and process THC, but you also have a lot of fun cooking up creative dishes! Some of the best dishes for cooking with weed include brownies, cookies, chocolates, and pancakes.

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To get the full benefits of cooking with marijuana, you’ll need to decarboxylate your cannabis first – this process helps release the THC from the chemical bonds in the plant matter so your body can more easily absorb it. Try to incorporate some fat into whatever dish you’re cooking – this will help make sure all the cannabinoids are absorbed properly by your body!

Final Thoughts: Does Cooking With Weed Get You More High?

With a better understanding of cannabis digestion and how to get more high from ingesting weed, you can cook with weed like a pro. Just remember to start small and go slow – especially if you’re new to cooking with weed.

For more tips on cooking with cannabis, be sure to check out our ultimate cannabis cooking guide. Happy cooking!