Developing a powerful platform and great products has always been our main focus, but our solution would be pretty limited if it couldn’t connect to third-party software. That’s why our team is working hard to add to our catalog new integrations that are the most used in various industries and regions on a regular basis.

Today, we’re happy to introduce one of our most successful integration, the Zendesk Sunshine Conversations connector, bringing the best of Zendesk and Inbenta solutions together.

How does this integration work?

After two years in the making, we’re now able to provide a connector that’s fully integrated with the Zendesk Sunshine Conversations platform (formerly This connector enables you to unify messages from various channels into a single conversation and to build interactive experiences anywhere.

When a user sends a message using one of the supported messaging channels (such as web chatbot, Whatsapp, Telegram, Line, Slack, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram), the user’s request goes to Sunshine Co and then gets routed to Inbenta SunCo app. Thanks to Inbenta NLP capabilities, the chatbot is able to understand the users’ request and to find an answer within the knowledge base, before sending back the information to the user.

How does Zendesk Sunshine Conversation integration with Inbenta works

Whenever the inquiry is too complex or an answer cannot be found within the knowledge base, the conversation is escalated to Zendesk Agent Workspace through the Zendesk Zopim API.

How to get the Zendesk SunCo integration?

The user can request the Inbenta SunCo app through the Inbenta AppHub, which automatically sets up the app and reduces significantly the effort to connect to Sunshine Conversations.

Download Zendesk Sunshine Conversations integration with Inbenta

Benefits of integrating Inbenta with Zendesk Sunshine Conversations

Ensure your customers get understood

Benefit from Inbenta’s robust Natural Language Processing technology and Neuro-Symbolic AI and be assured that the chatbot really understands your users’ queries.

Combined with our Lexicon, our chatbot can detect intent and context to answer users’ questions with precision, and avoid the dreaded ‘I don’t understand what you just said” which can be so frustrating.

Omnichannel capability

Thanks to this integration, you can connect to various messaging platforms – such as web, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, etc – through a unique connector.

What this means is that your customers can start the conversation on one channel and retrieve it on another one, should they need or want to switch channels along the way.

This enables your users to keep the context of the conversation, without having to repeat themselves as shown in the following video demo.

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Personalize the conversation

Integrating Zendesk Sunshine Conversation with Inbenta also means that you can personalize the conversation by connecting the chatbot to your CRM.

This functionality enables the bot to retrieve your users’ information without having to request their contact details once again.

Add transactional capabilities

Provide the best automation tool to your users by enabling them to not only search for information, products, or services, but also to make purchases without having to leave the chatbot.

Thanks to a webhook connecting the chatbot to your CRM, the user can browse for products and even complete transactions within the chatbot itself, making their browsing experience enjoyable and hassle-free.

Escalation to live chat

When the chatbot reaches its limits or the user’s issue is too complex and needs to be handled by a human agent, the chatbot can identify the need for escalation and offer that possibility. The conversation is then seamlessly transferred onto an agent – either within Inbenta Messenger or Zendesk chat.

All the information provided by the customer gets transferred to the agent, so that he has all the context in order to avoid any additional frustration for the user.

Live implementations

This connector between Inbenta and Zendesk Sunshine Conversations has already been implemented with some clients, such as Futbol Emotion in Spain and Bitz in Brazil, to name a few.

Feel free to check these out, or get in touch with us if you’d like to organize a demo or to try it for free for 14 days.

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