Quite nicely balanced groups actually. Glad to see INnoVation and Stats back (and honestly, I think both have a reasonable chance of upsetting and making Ro8). Bit brutal for RagnaroK – four opportunities to qualify, losing 1-2 to a terran player in all four instances (first Cure, then ByuN, then Ryung, then INnoVation)… ouch. Would’ve been cool to see TY or SpeCial or Scarlett qualify as well obviously. Hopefully TY will try again next season and we can finally have the four horsemen all playing in the same tournament for the first time in ages.

I reckon there’s a pretty small chance that someone other than Maru, herO, or Dark wins the tourney, but I could mayyyybe see a ByuN or a Solar or a Cure taking it down as well. Hard to credit anyone other than those six with even a 1% chance of pulling it off. Maybe roughly 50% Maru, 15% herO, 15% Dark, 10% ByuN, 5% Solar, 5% Cure, or something in that general vein… Might be rating ByuN’s chances too high, but if he could just find some way of playing nearly as well offline as he does online, he’d be the odds-on favorite in a BoX against everyone in the world, apart from Serral and Maru.

Source: https://tl.net/forum/starcraft-2/610221-code-s-season-1-ro16-groups-schedule-announced