Cannatales coffeeshop review – Boerejongens Amsterdam

Location: There are three Boerejongens coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Score: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Boerejongens means young farmers, and these young entrepreneurs have taken a refreshing approach in their coffeeshops. From the moment you first walk in, or perhaps even from the line outside, you’ll notice that this is not your standard Coffeeshop experience. It’s actually a lot more like a California dispensary than an Amsterdam Coffeeshop.

These young farmers take their jobs seriously and they dress the part! The whole place looks like a vintage pharmacy and the budtenders really know their stuff. It takes on average about two years for their employees to make their way through extensive training, and it shows! Even in peak times, they are more than willing to discuss different strains and their effects.

coffeeshop boerejongens

Picture courtesy of Boerejongens 

As you can see from the boerejongens menu, it’s not the cheapest place in Amsterdam, but they make up for it with their high quality and attention to detail. 

Here’s what we love the most about Boerejongers Coffeeshops:

  1. The high quality. At this coffeeshop you get what you pay for, and the products are top quality. It’s also one of the few places you can get an Isolator in Amsterdam. The Hash is also really great! We suggest the classic Super Silver Haze or the White Choco.
  2. The service. As mentioned above, the staff really know what they’re talking about. They know all about the products they are selling, from properties, effects, strength, etc.
  3. The edibles. OMFG, the boerejongers edibles are simply incredible. From the unboxing experience to the presentation, taste, and strength, these are hands down the best edibles in Amsterdam! We recommend the Red Velvet cake! Eat only half and then wait it out to see if you want more! Otherwise, you’ll be in for quite a trip!

So next time you’re in Amsterdam, make sure you check out one of the Boerejongens locations! You won’t regret it.