Budapest-based Talk-a-Bot raises €3.5 million to reimagine company communications

Talk-a-Bot, on a mission to use the power of AI to fuel a communication culture change in the corporate world, has raised €3.5 million. The Hungarian startup is now planning to expand further in the CEE market, taking up a leadership role in the space.

Along with the digital takeover of our lives, we have seen AI become more and more powerful, capable of changing our interactions and processes, in both business and outside of it. One major development has been the rise of chatbots – AI-powered tools that can mimic human conversation either by voice or text communication and are designed to help solve problems. 

Organizations use chatbots to engage with customers alongside classic customer service channels like phone, email, and social media, but they are also increasingly using them for internal communications, to bring teams closer together and improve workplace efficiency and happiness. 

Hungarian startup Talk-a-Bot has been pioneering the development of this tech in the CEE region. Founded in 2016, the startup has now picked up fresh funding as it plans to expand and further develop its product, CHEQ.  The funding was led by Szechenyi Funds and adds to the prior investment made by Rakuten-Viber. We featured the startup as a promising one to watch in 2019.

Akos Deliaga, Founding Managing Director of Talk-A-Bot: “Our mission is clear, we want to bring internal communication culture-change to companies.”

“Our solution has created a significant market and new service in Hungary and is now used by more than 100 international and domestic companies. We expand abroad in order to support the digitalization of the CEE corporate life, especially the manufacturing sector. The Szechenyi Funds saw the imagination not only in the company and the team but also in our internal communication product, which is now increasingly in demand regardless of company size and sector.”

Talk-a-Bot’s AI-based system automates the internal and external communication of companies, with the mission of bringing about a culture change in companies. Communications can be a timely and costly process for companies. Talk-a-Bot aims to make it more streamlined, turning digital business conversations into secure, app-like services for both customers and employees. This enables meaningful conversions to be had and communications to become faster and more effective. 

The proprietary communications tool, CHEQ, was originally developed for industrial, logistics and commercial companies. The multilingual bots natively support 100+ languages and are built from over 30 integrable function modules. The startup claims that its content-communication know-how helps clients achieve at least 85%-95% response accuracy rate with their chatbots.

Today, Talk-a-Bot’s chatbots are applied for many international brands beyond local organizations, including Hungarian Central Bank, Auchan, Burger King, Polish-Hungarian coding school Codecool and Erste Bank. This is alongside manufacturing companies such as Bosch and GoodMills. 

Akos Deliaga: “Global technology companies are developing their corporate communication solutions mostly for white-collar workers. In contrast, with CHEQ, we offer to bring not only office workers but also hard-to-reach physical workers, forklift operators, and warehouse workers into the corporate news and information bloodstream, connecting the line worker with the HR, the tractor driver with the CEO.”

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