BetInvest, PandaScore in Esports “Transformative” Partnership

One of the leading igaming service providers, BetInvest, has agreed a partnership with esports data provision company PandaScore in what the company is saying will be a “transformative” allegiance between the two.

The aim of the partnership is to offer sportsbook operators and esports betting sites a chance to add a new vertical, ebattles, to their existing partnership with PandaScore.

As part of the deal, PandaScore has acquired the rights to the CyberLive!Arena eFootball and eBasketball tournaments.

betinvest pandascore partnership

They have also snapped up the rights to show Esport Pro Club content, again offering an extensive selection of eFootball and eBasketball content.

These two new arrangements mean that there will be an additional monthly total of 13,340 esports events available for customers to utilise alongside PandScore’s current service.

Those numbers are certainly going to make potential partners, looking for great value esports data providers, take note of what PandaScore has to offer.

“Unparalleled Selection of Esports Events”

Commenting on the agreement the Business Development Team Leader at BetInvest, Daria Petrus, stated:

“This collaboration [with PandaScore] enables us to expand the reach of our exclusive esports solutions and provide sportsbook operators with an unparalleled selection of esports event.

“By combining BetInvests’ expertise with PandaScore’s exceptional data capabilities, we are excited to deliver a cutting-edge esports betting experience to operators and their customers worldwide.”

In response, the Head of Sales at PandaScore, Oliver Niner, remarked:

“At PandaScore, we are focused on developing new and exciting products and features for our core esports offering, including popular titles such as CS:GO, Dota 2 and League of Legends, among others.

“This has always been a primary focus, as it reflects our expertise ans passion in the field.

“As we have grown and engaged more with our customers, we have recognised the value that e-battles can bring to our partnerships.”

“We have also carefully listened to our customers and prospects, understanding their desire for us to distribute e-soccer and e-basketball as their preferred esports provider.”

“Betinvest stands out as a clear market leader in offering E-battles, and we are thrilled to have partnered with them/ E-battles are already in production for several of our customers, resulting in high volume and favourable margins.”

“We are excited about the future prospects of this product and the benefits it will bring to our customers through our partnership with Betinvest.”

Coup for PandaScore and its Customers

They may be better known for providing esports data and League of Legends, Dota 2 and CSGO odds, but this is a significant addition to the PandaScore portfolio.

While ebattles, predominantly but not exclusively, feature ebasketball and esoccer, this is a relatively new market, within a growing new niche within the esports industry.

The less-controlled, more open nature of e-battle betting has given a few providers cold feet, but work by companies like Betinvest to combat issues of fraud or deliberately losing/winning has nurtured a far more positive attitude towards this form of betting of late.

And as such, PandaScore customers should be in for a treat over the coming months as the first e-battle markets are rolled out.

Image credit: BetInvest Ltd. via Linkedin

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