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Ultimate General: Gettysburg on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch

It was labelled one of the best strategy games of the 2010s. Yet it’s taken nigh-on a decade for Ultimate General: Gettysburg to come over to Xbox and the land of consoles. With a number of awards under its belt, and thousands of Very Positive reviews on Steam, this is most definitely a title that all budding military strategists should check out. 

Thousands of Soldiers!

Whether a newbie to the military strategy genre, or a fan of similar titles like Strategic Mind: Spectre of Communism, many will find enjoyment in the deep realism of this game. Releasing on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch platforms, Ultimate General: Gettysburg allows you to recreate your own Battle of Gettysburg.

This historic battle in the American Civil War is lovingly recreated. That means you’ll find thousands of soldiers on the battlefield. And they’ll all be fighting it out with a smart AI system controlling things.

Of course, the master controller is you, the player. Innovative control mechanics await. And as the overarching commander of the battle you will control a wealth of units as they storm the front-lines. 

Dynamic AI Systems

Developers Game-Labs proudly boast their ‘Smart AI Commanders’ as a driving force behind the success of this strategic title. Game difficulty is dictated by the nine separate AI ‘personalities’. These all underlie the decisions being made by your opposition, ensuring no two rounds of Ultimate General: Gettysburg play out the same.

With no scripting to be seen, you’ll quickly realise that the opposing forces will learn to flank, defend and secure locations in an incredibly smart manner. You’ll certainly always be kept on your toes!

Ultimate General: Gettysburg on Xbox is Available Now!

With the sequel, Ultimate General: Civil War, yet to make an appearance on console, perhaps this is Game-Labs testing the waters.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg on Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One is available now. Grab a download via the Xbox Store for £12.49.

Alternatively, the game is available on PS5, PS4, Switch and PC. Stay tuned for our review – we’re keen to see how this one converts to Xbox and console.

Game Description

Ultimate General: Gettysburg is a critically acclaimed tactical battle simulator that allows you to lead thousands of soldiers in the battle of Gettysburg as commander of either the Union or Confederate army. 

The game features the most accurately created map, complex morale, innovative control mechanics and smart AI. You have the freedom to use different strategies while the battle progresses. Your decisions and military performance play a crucial role in the result.

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