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New Year, New Season! The ASL is back for its 15th season, where does the time fly huh? Of course things did get a bit dicey with the season starting 2 weeks later than it was supposed to due to reasons that are not made entirely clear.

Regardless, here we are and the result of that delay has forced Afreeca to schedule all of the Ro24 in the span of a week and we here on TL will also be covering all of the Ro24 in this one article.

Group A PreviewGroup B PreviewGroup A PreviewGroup B PreviewGroup A Preview

What a lovely group. My favourite Zergs, (Z)Queen and (Z)Bag of Builds.
The best 2 match ups include Zerg and we’ll get to see both this group. As fun as it is to see Zergs get destroyed by their opposing races, I don’t think that will happen here. Besides I wont deny, to say I’m a biased writer is not a lie.

(T)Mong plays in K-league every now and then where he mostly finds himself fighting vs Effort and when he does, that goes either way pretty evenly. Right, I hear you thinking: *Effort, that guy who is Flash’s kryptonite, so that means (T)Mong has a monster TvZ*, however Effort has wrist problems and thus doesn’t really compete anymore. Hence we haven’t seen him in any of the lastest ASLs. Anyway it means I conclude (T)Mong‘s TvZ isn’t bad, but nothing spectacular either. I’m also keeping in mind his last ASL performance here where a loss to no one other than (Z)Shine contributed to his knock out.

A player or rather players we haven’t seen often in the daily proleagues are (Z)Shine and (P)Ruin. This makes it a bit hard to gauge their skill levels. (Z)Shine often pulls through regardless whether we’ve seen him active or not, he is the one and only bag of builds after all, always hungry for a hard fought, well earned win. And (P)Ruin, well.. I don’t see him ruining anyone’s day soon other than a few Chinese players ^^

“You didn’t write about (Z)Queen!”
– Yup.
(Z)Queen and (Z)Shine To Advance!

Group B Preview

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