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With another year of ASL about to start, we are launching two events with the start of ASL15’s Ro24! One will be for streamers and content creators, the other for viewers.

🎬 ASL Clip Event Details:
February 28 (Tuesday) through the ASL15 Finals

💵 ASL Clip Event Prizes:

  • $50 Gift Cards [x10]*

*Prize Details:

  • Winners can select between Amazon, Blizzard, Riot and/or Steam gift cards.
  • Due to regional restrictions, some gift cards may not be available outside of the United States.


🎤 ASL Casting Event Details:
February 28 (Tuesday) through March 15 (Wednesday)

  • Stream your commentary or analysis of any part of the Ro24, either live or from VOD.
  • Stream must be at least 1 hour long.
  • The content must be created and available on AfreecaTV to be considered.
  • Leave a comment with a link to your VOD under this blog post.

💵 ASL Casting Event Prizes:

  • ASL Jerseys [x4] and ASL T-Shirts [x5]
  • Additional Support for Those Who Want to Continue Creating Content*

*Prize Details:

  • This may include, access to clean feed, streaming equipment support or small monetary support.

All winners will be contacted through the AfreecaTV messaging system and announced on this blog. Be sure to check your inboxes!

Thank you for your continued support of the ASL!

– AfreecaTV –

Source: https://tl.net/forum/brood-war/607808-asl15-events-for-global-fans