The web3 space is growing, and AngelBlock is making fundraising happen for web3 startups that need access to capital. As a totally decentralized solution to funding, AngelBlock makes token-based fundraising simple and transparent.

With the system that AngelBlock has created, startups will have easy access to funding with budgetary plans, and release timelines for the capital they raise based on token sales. AngelBlock has also utilized other important features like on-chain vesting, as well as a voting system for investors.


In many ways, web3 companies are working in a web2 funding and investment environment. Without taking advantage of all the technical innovation that modern decentralized solutions offer, web3 start-ups are put at a disadvantage. AngelBlock addresses these challenges, and offers start-ups a lot more.

AngelBlock Creates Web3 Funding Solutions

The web3 fundraising space looks a lot like the wild west at the moment. While blockchain does provide some transparency, rug-pulls are frequent, and in many cases, investors are left with worthless tokens. If a web3 startup chooses to go the established fundraising route with VC companies, the business model has to change, and they may not be able to grow efficiently.

Early-stage investment should help both the start-up company, and the investors. AngelBlock’s non-custodial, protocol-based platform is a great way forward for fundraising in the web3 space, as it creates an environment that protects investors, while rewarding start-ups that deliver on their development goals.


The core of AngelBlock’s platform uses smart-contracts to protect investors, while making sure that start-ups know that the money they need will be there for them. The end result is a platform that makes fundraising work for web3, and empowers both investors and early-stage companies with a trustless and transparent investment environment.

A New Way Forward for Web3

AngelBlock uses innovative tools to make sure that both web3 projects and investors get what they need from investments and capital. The development process should be as transparent as possible, especially when the web3 space has so much to offer investors.

Here are some of the unique advantages that the AngelBlock platform offers:

Automated token vesting and distribution system

Did you know that around 20% of the tokens from fundraising are sent to the wrong addresses because of manual errors?

It is true. AngelBlock has an on-chain vesting system that makes sure that investors get the token investments they pay for, and that the smart-contacts used deliver the correct tokens, in the correct amounts, to the right investors.

Getting the token distribution right might seem like a simple thing, and AngelBlock is making sure that it is as simple as it gets!

Milestone-based payout approach with embedded governance mechanisms

Much like the world of Venture Capital (VC) investment, AngelBlock created a milestone-based value distribution system. When the fundraising process begins, a start-up must define a series of milestones that it will achieve on the way to the product launch.

Investors are empowered with this system, as they are able to vote on the distribution of funds, and the start-ups will only get the tokens when the milestones are reached. The investment community is empowered with this system, and start-ups are assured that if milestones are met – the funding they need will be available.

Aligning stakeholders’ interests with the Tholos token

Like most web3 projects, AngelBlock has its own token, called $THOL. It exists to incentivize everyone in the AngelBlock ecosystem, so that the community, start-ups, and investors are in total alignment. Validators and active participants are rewarded, and any participating investor or web3 project is rewarded.


Decentralizing governance with the AngelBlock DAO

AngelBlock is working to create long term value in the web3 ecosystem, and hopes to launch a DAO. The AngelBlock DAO would exist to give the wider community a voice in how the overall platform works, and ensure that the goals of transparency and accountability are always followed in practice.

Commitment to compliance and security

AngelBlock is dedicated to making sure that web3 fundraising is as transparent and secure as possible, so it puts KYC/AML standards in a prime position. It follows global standards created by the Financial Action Task Force, and the EU 2015/849 Directive. AngelBlock is also working with the new EU MiCA framework, so it stays ahead of the regulatory curve.

AngelBlock Adds Value

The biggest value added by AngelBlock is a safe fundraising environment for web3 projects. Without safety for investors, raising capital is difficult. In addition to safety, AngelBlock is totally decentralized, and gives both projects and investors 100% transparency at every stage of the fundraising and development process.

A decentralized process is a benefit to everyone in the web3 fundraising ecosystem. In some ways current web3 fundraising infrastructure acts like a CEX, or centralized exchange. The project is given all of the funding it needs, and investors have little recourse in the case of a problem, or even worse, a rug-pull.

In fact, AngelBlock could be the new model for fundraising in the world of web3. Investors need to have transparency, and with the safeguards that AngelBlock puts in place, both start-ups and investors are much safer when compared to the current model. With the platform that AngelBlock designed, the need for trust in the fundraising ecosystem is removed, and everyone wins.

Safety and Secure Investments

Let’s face it, the current web3 fundraising economy is risky. One of the near-term goals that AngelBlock has is to change this challenging dynamic, and create industry-wide standards for web3 fundraising. The goal is to have a global standard for web3 fundraising, which makes the ecosystem more efferent for everyone.


Who Would Benefit From AngelBlock?

With the web3 space growing quickly, there are a number of sectors that benefit from the platform that AngelBlock is developing. Ultimately, the entire web3 economy benefits from efficiency, but the end user may never fully understand the importance of an efferent early-stage funding economy.

Investors and web3 start-ups, on the other hand, are the clear beneficiaries of AngelBlock, both in terms of the features it offers, and the fact that investors will look to projects on AngelBlock as a safer way to enter early-stage web3 companies.

AngelBlock is also developing a grant program that has already awarded the equivalent of $90,000, and the company is planning on continuing to offer rewards to promising early-stage start-ups.

Wider Access for Smaller Investors

One of the most important aspects of AngelBlock is the fact that it allows smaller investors to enter an investment space that has traditionally been dominated by VC funds, or ever larger investors. With AngelBlock, much smaller investors are able to enter the web3 start-up investment arena, and with AngelBlock, smaller investors gain the same protections that traditional VC investors have.

While access to small companies is great for small investors, it is also a big win for the start-ups. Instead of being forced to deal with a few major tech VC groups that can dictate the terms of an investment, now, start-ups can deal with a much wider range of smaller investors.

AngelBlock Makes Sense For The Web3 Economy

With a highly experienced team, and a solid design behind the platform, AngelBlock is delivering real value to the web3 development ecosystem. It allows investors to enter early-stage web3 companies with confidence, and also gives the same start-ups access to new streams of liquidity on favorable terms.

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