Traveltech startup Vipper has just received a €2 million investment for its platform simplifying the booking of rail, bus and flight tickets. The startup is now taking off on its next stage of growth. 

When it comes to booking transport, especially in a country you’re not familiar with, things can get a little complicated. From knowing which providers to use and finding the best route and fare, to knowing where to look – there are a lot of things to keep in mind.

Amsterdam-based Vipper wants to make it simpler. Founded in 2018, the startup has developed a platform that enables users to book international rail, bus and flight tickets simply. Netsam Participations has just invested €2 million into the Dutch company.

CEO of Vipper, Emanuel Ponzo Dieu: ” We are incredibly proud to have achieved this milestone allowing us to invest more in our platform, marketing, and brand recognition.. Together with Netsam Participations, we are continuing the path of becoming the premier hosting and booking platform throughout Europe. We wouldn’t be here today without the ingenuity, innovations, and support of our team, shareholders, and partners. They have believed in us and enabled making this deal possible to enable our next growth phase.”

Developed by Emanuel Ponzo Dieu, Jeroen de Visser, and Yannick Gielis, Vipper’s B2B2C mobility and travel marketplace focuses on ground content distribution covering train and bus content. The platform allows both passengers and airlines, agents and resellers to buy ground and air content through the GDSes, Vipper agent portal, API, website, and app.

The Dutch startup also distributes through the Amadeus and Sabre GDS, allowing airlines and agents to sell the Vipper content to their customers worldwide. Currently, it s the only platform holding an official IATA Airline code allowing them to distribute this content through these channels.

Allard, Investment Manager of Netsam Participations: “What drew us to Vipper was the management team’s vision to disrupt the travel industry. By building an inventory system from the ground up, they’re ahead of an industry where schedules and fare pricing is still distributed via spreadsheets and email. Additionally, we support their vision to make it easier for people to find and book train and bus routes in Europe which have better ethical and environmental benefits. Go green, go Vipper!”

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