Have you ever wondered why people cook with cannabis? Some people see it as a way to get the benefits of marijuana without smoking it, while others believe that cooking with cannabis can enhance the flavor of food.

Whatever the main reason may be, cooking with cannabis has become a fast growing trend in the canna community. And we’re not just talking about the occasional edible consumption. These are full blown meals and snacks that you wouldn’t even assume have weed in them.

cannabis that you can cook with

While some are in the pro cannabis corner, there is definitely a community of people who think that cooking with cannabis is dangerous. They believe new users don’t understand that the breakdown of cannabinoids is different within digestion than it is through smoking.

So, with all this said, in this post we’re going to investigate the pros and cons of cooking with cannabis, and if these Bobby Flay mixed with Bob Marley chefs know what they’re talking about.

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What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is the name for plants of the genus Cannabis, which includes hemp and marijuana. Cannabinoid compounds called CBD and THC can be extracted from the plants and used to cook in the form of infused oil or butter, giving recipes an earthy, nutty flavor.

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Vaporized cannabis oils, tinctures, or cannabis-infused cookware are also available in some areas where it is legal to cook with cannabis. Although eating or drinking THC will give you a different experience than smoking it, it also produces a powerful high that lasts longer than smoking marijuana.

While cannabis’ psychoactive effects have made it popular in medical and recreational settings, more chefs are now experimenting by incorporating cannabis into their culinary creations.

The Benefits to Cook With Cannabis

Cooking with cannabis is becoming increasingly popular among home chefs, as the health benefits are remarkable.

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By infusing marijuana into your food, you get all of the wonderful properties the plant has to offer – without the traditional smoking involved. Eating cannabis-infused food rather than smoking it can reduce many of the common negative side effects related to inhalation and overall intake of marijuana.

Smoking cannabis can have a negative effect on your lungs, just like smoking tobacco. The smoke from burning marijuana contains some of the same toxins in cigarette smoke, which can damage the delicate tissues of your lungs.

And honestly, some people just don’t enjoy the process of rolling weed and cleaning up after themselves. For those people, cannabis consumption by digestion is the best method.

Additionally, cooking cannabis can allow for a more focused and heightened effect due to specific recipes that have been formulated. This is an especially great option for those who may have difficulty tolerating other methods such as inhalation through a joint or pipe.

The Negatives to Cook With Cannabis

Cooking with cannabis can be a dangerous activity if done improperly, as it involves the breakdown of cannabinoids which differ when consumed through digestion than when smoked. Eating or drinking THC will produce a powerful high that lasts longer than smoking marijuana, and this could lead to an overdose if not properly managed.

Meaning, if you don’t know what you’re doing then you should now start by consuming cannabis via digestion. We’ve all heard the cautionary tale of the person who mistook the brownies on the counter. Imagine that, but multiplied by 10. Not a fun time.

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Additionally, there are many recipes involving cannabis that have been formulated to provide heightened effects which might be too intense for some users. For these reasons, it is important to understand the risks involved in cooking with cannabis before attempting any recipes.

How Do People Cook With Cannabis?

Cooking with cannabis is easier than you might think! The process begins by extracting THC from the cannabis plant to get a powerful oil that can be used to cook with. This oil can then be infused into butter and added to all sorts of recipes.

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Outside of the ingredients, however, the process is very much the same. If you aren’t smelling or tasting your creation, then there is really now ay of knowing whether or not your meal is being prepared with cannabis.

This is why a lot of people favor cooking with cannabis, because it can be infused into their regular life without much extra effort.

People cook with cannabis to make a variety of sweet and savory treats, such as brownies, gummies, popcorn snacks, and even pizzas!

You can also add cannabis oil directly into dishes or combine it with teas and coffees for a delicious yet potent treat. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to cooking with cannabis!

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What Are the Most Popular Cannabis Recipes?

Cooking with cannabis can provide a fun and creative way to cook, as well as incorporate the effects of cannabis into dishes. From traditional edibles to more innovative concoctions, there is an abundance of popular cannabis recipes to choose from.

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Whether you’re making brownies, cookies, gummies, drinks, or even salads, cannabis-infused recipes give cooks the ability to infuse their favorite edibles with THC for an added touch.

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There really is something delicious out there for every cook and marijuana enthusiast who wants to explore the endless culinary possibilities that come when you cook with cannabis!

Final Thoughts on Why People Cook With Cannabis

Now that you know what cannabis is and how to cook with it, you can try your hand at making some of the recipes we’ve listed. Cooking with cannabis is a great way to document benefits like improved appetite, decreased anxiety, and pain relief. As always, start small when cooking with cannabis and increase the amount you use as needed.

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