Have you ever considered starting your own online casino but are unsure of what it takes?

In this article, we browse through 6 important things that you need to know in order to open your own online casino.

Casino engine
Casino engine

We will go through the difference between a white label casino and a custom built casino. Next, we go through a few more things that are important to know if you are considering starting your own online casino.

What is needed?

A licence is a fundamental prerequisite for a gaming platform to work with payment processors and gaming software suppliers.

It is also a requirement for establishing a positive reputation and credibility in the international iGaming business.

A casino must have the following to succeed online:

  • Plattform
  • License
  • Games
  • Marketing
  • Payment gateways

How to start an White Label casino

Hard and easy way to open a casino

If you build your online casino yourself, you must apply for a license, create collaborations with game developers and simply build your casino from scratch.

But if you choose a White Label casino, you get both a license, games and payment method integrated with the platform and you only need marketing!

So what you need to open an online casino depends on which of these two ways you want to start your casino. Below we tell you more about the differences between these two!

With a white label casino, you place your logo on the platform and focus on marketing the casino. However, you must also pay a monthly fee to the white label platform owner.

The advantage is that it is much cheaper, faster and you know everything works.

The disadvantage is that you cannot develop your brand exactly how you want and that you have to pay a monthly fee to use the platform.

White Label VS Standalone

Standalone casino is the name used for casino sites built by the company from scratch. Few casinos are built like this and even those that are have later copied their own concept and thus created more white label casinos.

Turnekey solutions
Turnekey solutions

If you want to build an online casino on your own, you have to develop the platform, the games (alternatively rent them), apply for a gaming license, connect payment solutions and simply manage everything on your own.

The advantage of this method is that you get 100% control over your brand. The disadvantage is that it costs a lot to build a casino and apply for a license.

White label casino

A white label casino is much easier to start and costs significantly less. White Label is briefly explained a ready-made platform for online casno that already has a license, games and payment solutions in place.

As a white label casino owner, you rent this from the main brand that has already spent a lot of money, time and knowledge to develop this ready-made concept.

It also means that you don’t have to wait for 2 years to get your license but can launch your online casino at any time because it uses an existing license.

This is also why you can see that many online casinos recommended here use the same license.

White Label


  • Ready platform
  • Payment solutions integrated
  • License included
  • Choose games from game developers the company already works with


  • Monthly cost
  • Not full control over the brand

Standalone casino


  • Full control over the brand
  • Unique platform
  • No monthly costs for the platform


  • Takes longer to build
  • You must apply for a license
  • Payment solutions must be integrated
  • Games need to be built, bought or rented
  • Costs much more


If you are going to build your own casino, expect that you need at least 100k euros to build a good platform. After that, you need a license which costs 5,000 euros.

White label prices
White label prices

White Label casino: Price is not stated because everyone tailors their casino. contact the seller and explain what you want and you will receive a price propos

You have to integrate payment solutions and you have to make sure that the casino has games. You can either buy games, build them yourself or rent them from game developers.

The biggest cost comes after you build your casino, which is marketing the casino.

In short, you need people who can help you build your casino and a lot of money to pay salaries in the meantime. You also need a certain amount in the account to be able to pay out winnings to the players.

With a white label casino concept, you only need yourself. Everything else is taken care of by the company from which you rent your platform.

It includes payments, support, license and basically everything needed for your casino to work well online.

Your job is to market the casino, which is also the most expensive investment if you want to create a well-known casino brand.

How much can it cost then? There are several different companies that offer this and the price varies, but just to give you a little more understanding, we say an average of 15,000 euros to set up the first casino.

After that, a monthly fee of, for example, 2500 euros or a certain % of the casino’s profit is added, depending on the type of deal you agree on with the platform owner.

So without going deeper into the whole thing, we can quickly see that the White Label solution is 10 times cheaper, however the monthly cost catches up sooner or later.

Of course, you can start a white label casino, grow and then invest in rebuilding into a standalone casino if you wanted to.

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