Finding the Sons of the Forest binoculars help you see further, so you can spot potential food or hungry enemies, without having to get quite so close. Of course, if you’ve picked up some weapons, you might not be too concerned about coming across one or two of the locals, but if you want to keep a safe distance and scope things out, the binoculars are invaluable.

Unlike the shovel (opens in new tab), there are no dark caves to navigate if you want the binoculars: you’ll find them on a beach to the north of the island. Their location is near the cave where you find the rebreather (opens in new tab), so depending on where you’ve made your base, you should stock up on food and water before you make the trip. Here’s where to find the Sons of the Forest binoculars. 

Sons of the Forest binoculars location 

The binoculars are found on a beach on the north coast of the island, to the left of the entrance to the rebreather cave. In fact, if you’re coming from the cave, you can follow the beach north and around to the west to reach the area. Check the screenshot above for the exact location, but it’s where the shoreline dips in a “V” shape. 

When you arrive, look for a red kayak—there are actually two in the area, and the one you want is the one closer to the water’s edge—and you’ll find the binoculars sitting on the edge of the kayak.

Once equipped, the binoculars let you see for quite a distance, so they can give you an edge when it comes to survival: your mouse’s left-click will let you look through them. You can also find other goodies in the area, such as food and a tarp or two, so if you need to rest up and save your game (opens in new tab), you should be able to set up a temporary shelter without hassle.