Hogwarts Legacy Diricawl are one of the tricker magical beasts to locate in the Highlands, but you need to find one in order to complete Professor Howin’s first extracurricular beast assignment. If you complete this you’ll get Bombarda⁠—a very good damage spell (opens in new tab) that’s effectively an explodier version of Confringo. 

For those just starting out at Hogwarts, you might want to know how to get a broom (opens in new tab) for easier exploration, or how to open those mysterious puzzle doors (opens in new tab). Either way, here’s where to find the Hogwarts Legacy Diricawl creature so you can finish the first step of Howin’s assignment, or just sell them for some extra gold. 

Hogwarts Legacy Diricawl location

The easiest Diricawl location to find is the den south of Hogwarts and Lower Hogsfield. The best way to get there is to fast travel to the Keenbridge Floo Flame then head north-west up onto the hill with the castle ruins. You’ll find the den, though be wary of Inferni that spawn nearby. Make sure you have a fire spell equipped to deal with them quickly.

Since Diricawl can appear and disappear quickly so as to escape from you, the best way to catch one is to use Leviosa to hold them in place, or Arresto Momentum or Glacius to stop them moving for a while. Once they are slowed or stopped you can use the Nab-Sack (opens in new tab) that Deek gave you to capture one and complete that step of Professor Howin’s beast assignment. Now you just need to find a Giant Purple Toad and you can get the Bombarda spell.

There are other Diricawl dens in the south of the map near Maruweem Lake and the Poidsear Coast, but the only way to access those regions is to travel through the goblin-infested Coastal Cavern in the South-Sea Bog area. Unless you need a whole lot of Diricawls, capturing them from the nest near Keenbridge is a far better option.

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