Over time, we see NFTs expanding in two ways. First, is traditional products that use NFTs as a distribution channel and a new economic model. For example, NFTs can be used to retroactively distribute tokens to communities, as a way to reward early support. Tokens will be used to incentivize access, attention and user behavior. A few creators to embrace NFTs include Beeple the artist, Logan Paul the YouTuber and the NBA.

The second is the creation of digitally native experiences, centered on issuing, exchange, and using digital assets. These digitally native experiences may span games, music, art, writing and more. The potential is enormous. NFTs may become a key form of value capture on the internet, enabling consumer use cases we’ve never even imagined.

For a broader intro to the consumer opportunity, we recently created an intro presentation you can find here

Source: https://blockchain.capital/consumer-meets-crypto/