By now you’ve probably heard of ChatGPT. It’s a free AI chatbot that can spit out long-form answers to just about any question, in a way that sounds eerily human.

Unlike a Google search, the new tool can deliver full paragraphs of information, and it does so in a way that seems like the AI is having a conversation with you.

This chatbot was released in late November, but it’s already sparking an existential crisis for educators at all levels. Because as students are already starting to figure out, they can use it to do their schoolwork for them, in a way that is hard to detect.

A headline in the Atlantic magazine put it bluntly: “Will ChatGPT Kill the Student Essay?”

On this week’s podcast, we’re looking at the potential impact of this new AI tool by talking to a couple of educators who have used the chatbot and already had some surprising interactions.

If you haven’t fully understood why this might be a big deal, this episode might bring it to life a bit.

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