What are the Best Ways to Seek Honor Levels in the League of Legends Season 2023?

The seeds of the Honor system were laid for incentivizing great conduct amidst the League of Legends Community by figuring out the rewarding players who positively impacted others’ gaming experience.

The beginning of the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) grabbed massive popularity over several decades. The fair part is that it constitutes various in-game prizes and leveling systems like the Honor levels. Securing it only with a terrific display of superb sportsmanship is possible.

On a concluding node of the game, every player will bag a chance to identify any of the teammates divided into three main categories such as:

  • Stayed Cool
  • Great
  • ShotCalling

Several players pertain higher value for attaining the League of Legends Mark or the Matchmaking Rate, i.e. MMR instead of the honour level. If you consider the broader spectrum here, the lower honour level might

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While some players value their League of Legends rank or MMR (Matchmaking rate) more than their honour level, in the long term, a lower honour level may prevent them from enjoying the gaming experience as a whole.

What Does Honor Level Indicate in League of Legends?

Honour level is a title-gaining system where you perform and gets LOL rewarded with titles by your teammates. At the beginning of each season, this honour level automatically resets to level 2 if you are at or above this level. Players can view their honour level only in their respective profile tabs.

Why Does Increasing Honor Level Help?


level enables the players to earn key fragments, keys, champion shards, capsules, and several exclusive skins like Medieval Twitch, Three Honors Malzahar, Grey Warwick, and even Chromas.

Players can unlock the mastery chest only after using a key for it. Your behavior and performance are responsible for stepping up with every honour level.

Can I Increase my Honor Level in League of Legends?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to surge up the honours with each game you play. Here are quick expert tips to accelerate your honours.

  • Play more and more games to enter the progression system and try to level up more and more.
  • Being calm while playing is also crucial, as flaming might not prove very helpful here. Instead, this can get worse. Avoid getting tilted, and focus on cheering up your teammates.
  • Honors are given for shot calls that help navigate the team toward’s glory.
  • While engaging in a play with friends, try to get honours more often as it is possible to reach level 5 soon.
  • Returning the favours back in the form of honours is also a great catch to head up with the progression systems.

Remember that bad behavior might also result in a 14-day ban at League of Legends, or your honours might drop. Good performance is the only survival key here!

T&Cs Apply, 18+ Only.

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