VCT 2023 Lock//In São Paulo: Semi-Finals Betting Predictions

After two whole weeks of competition, the VCT Lock//In event has neared the final stages. Indeed, from the 32 best VALORANT teams in the world, only four remain. Bearing this in mind, we’ve gathered everything you need to know in our VCT 2023 Lock//In Sao Paulo Semi-Finals betting preview!

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VCT 2023 Lock//In São Paulo – Four Teams Left

Kicking off back on 13th February, reaching the Semi-Finals has involved some fantastic competition, cementing Lock//In as one of the top VALORANT tournaments of the season. Naturally, this is a perfect VALORANT Champions Tour betting opportunity.

With $500,000 on the line, two separate single-elimination brackets have allowed 2 teams from each side to make it this far. Having not lost a BO3 match yet, here are the two teams from each bracket:

  • Alpha Bracket: LOUD, DRX
  • Omega Bracket: Natus Vincere, Fnatic

In order to win, the remaining teams will first have to win their bracket, and then claim global dominance in the Grand Final – both will be BO5 matches. Here’s the schedule for the remaining matches below!

  • March 2nd 2023: LOUD vs DRX (18:00 CET)
  • March 3rd 2023: Natus Vincere vs Fnatic (18:00 CET)
  • March 4th 2023: NaVi/Fnt vs LOUD/DRX (18:00 CET)

Read on as we preview the VALORANT betting odds for each of the VCT 2023 Lock//In Sao Paulo Semi-Finals matches below!

VCT 2023 Lock//In São Paulo: Semi-Finals betting predictions

Credits: Riot Games

VCT 2023 Lock//In São Paulo Semi-Finals Predictions


Kicking things off, we have an electric match which looks to bring the noise. Moreover, every single game that LOUD has played, the entire crowd has been on their side as the hometown heroes. With the crowd on their side, LOUD have made quick word of many teams, such as favourites NRG, with shining confidence.

On the other side, we have the strategic masterminds of DRX. Taking out the likes of Cloud9 and Talon Esports, DRX are yet to win a series cleanly. Evidently, they have more weaknesses than LOUD, predisposing them to a loss here.

While LOUD are the clear favourite, we’re certain that DRX will play their cards right with the map picks, squeezing in at least one map victory and keeping things close.

  • Predictions: LOUD (3-1) DRX
  • Valornat Odds: LOUD Outright Win (1.7), DRX Outright Win (2.08)

Fnatic vs Natus Vincere

Following the opening match, we have the EMEA heavyweight battle. Indeed, this looks to be one of the closest matches of the entire event. With both teams celebrating the tactical and deadly European approach, both have been flawless at this event so far.

Having not lost a single map, both teams have taken down some serious competition, making it look easy, such as Na’Vi taking down Leviatan with incredible dominance. However, even though Fnatic has not lost a match, their games have been much more closely contested, such as their overtime win against 100 Thieves.

Such a fact does tip the balance in favour of Natus Vincere. However, depending on the maps, this could really go either way and will likely reach the last map.

  • Predictions: Natus Vincere (3-2) Fnatic
  • Odds: Natus Vincere Outright Win (1.64), Fnatic Outright Win (2.17)

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