Turbo Golf Racing introduces a ‘HOLE’ new way to play on Game Pass and Xbox

turbo golf racing golf mode
A new golf mode in Turbo Golf Racing

We’re big fans of Turbo Golf Racing, having enjoyed speeding down the fairways and around the multitude of courses without a care in the world. But now we need to start considering things a bit more, slowing down as precision comes into play. Yep, there’s a ‘hole’ new way to play Turbo Golf Racing as the 1v1 Golf mode swaps speed for swings. 

Having been sat in Game Preview / Early Access for a good few months – August 2022 in fact – Turbo Golf Racing has slowly and steadily increased in pace. Today it mixes things up like never before as Hugecalf Studios and Secret Mode ask us to forgo the speed to instead focus down on the slower pace of 1v1 stroke play. Hit the ball less than your opponents and you’ll be on to a winner. 

Golf comes to the fore

On the back of Europe recently taking down the US to triumph in the Ryder Cup, Turbo Golf Racing firmly settles on the accuracy and drive of the game to swap out the usual fast-paced nature for a slower, more serene, Golf Mode take. 

Working as a 1-on-1 affair, best-of-3 scenario, in Golf mode you will need to accurately steer your ball to the end of the course in the fewest shots. Pars, birdies, eagles, and albatrosses will be in place for the most skilled golfers.

Players can also make use of the game mode-exclusive aerial camera to plan their swings, and a new combined power dash mechanic to send the ball flying even further than before.

New Golfing and Progression adventures have also been added too, encouraging players to take a stroke or two off their golf game, alongside a wealth of other updates and improvements. And fret not – while Golf mode will be the default way to play for a limited time, classic Turbo Golf Racing and time trials will still be available to play.

Golf Mode key features

Latest Turbo Golf Racing update features include…

  • Introducing Golf mode, a new way to experience TGR! Step into the ultimate 1v1 showdown, where precision triumphs over speed, and victory is achieved by fewest shots. Become aware of your surroundings with the exclusive aerial camera and hit your ball further than before with our combined power dash mechanic. Put your golfing skills to the test in casual or custom games
  • A new golf tutorial has been added to learn how to play
  • When using Grapple Hook, player balls now continue to move
  • There are two new adventures to complete: Golfing and Progression

If you haven’t yet enjoyed the fun of Turbo Golf Racing then grab a download of the game from the Xbox Store or Steam. It’s playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Oh yeah, and Game Pass makes this a no-brainer. 

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