Trulioo Unveils New Global Identity Verification Platform for Individuals and Businesses

  • Trulioo unveiled a new global identity verification platform this week.
  • The new offering combines both individual and business verification with no-code workflow building, low-code integrations, and more into a single platform.
  • A Finovate alums since 2014, Trulioo won Best of Show in its most recent Finovate appearance at FinovateEurope last March.

Identity verification specialist Trulioo launched a new global identity verification platform this week. The new offering combines individual and business verification solutions with no-code workflow building, low-code integrations, and more in a single platform. The platform will give companies the ability to provide a streamlined onboarding experience, as well as the kind of intuitive user experiences that help build both trust and inclusivity.

“Trulioo is the identity platform businesses turn to in order to solve the inherent complexity in onboarding customers globally,” Trulioo CEO Steve Munford said. “We enable businesses to offer their goods and services in nearly every country in the world and remain compliant. We provide our customers with industry-leading capabilities backed by best-in-class customer success so they can focus on their business and customers.”

With a single contract, the new offering will enable Trulioo customers to readily access:

  • Personally identifiable information matching
  • Identity document verification
  • Utility data for proof of address
  • Business verification for in-depth person-of-significant-control
  • Ultimate-beneficial-owner verification
  • Watchlist screening and monitoring
  • Anti-fraud capabilities

“Trulioo is the only company that delivers an integrated, high-performance platform with comprehensive capabilities, out-of-the-box processes and models, easy no-code configurability, and the ability to customize and amend functionality,” Trulioo Chief Product Officer Michael Ramsbacker said. “We are giving our customers the power to create verification workflows that best meet their needs with just one contract and in one intuitive platform.”

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Trulioo has been a Finovate alum since 2014. Demoing its latest technology on the Finovate stage most recently at FinovateEurope 2022 in London, Trulioo won Best of Show for its GlobalGateway Business Verification to Identity Verification workflow. This functionality, using Trulioo’s GlobalGateway Orchestration, enabled easy-to-do business verification, simple verification of owner identities, and world-class orchestration and workflow building.

The company’s new product launch this week comes as a growing number of businesses are pursuing opportunities in online commerce, mobile payments, and digital currencies. And while these avenues represent significant innovation and progress, they also bring with them new concerns over fraud and financial crime. Being able to know your customer, know your business, identify money laundering and more have become critical – and complex – compliance issues for businesses of all sizes. As such, it is as important for growing companies to have a verification solution that is customizable to their particular needs and workflows, while at the same time providing the requisite scale to support rapidly expanding enterprises. This is especially true when it comes to international expansion.

Trulioo’s platform reaches more than five billion consumers in 195 countries, and enables companies to access more than 450 data sources globally to provide broad, comprehensive identity and business verification. The company has raised more than $474 million in funding from investors including TCV, which led Trulioo’s $394 million Series D round in 2021; and Goldman Sachs, which led the company’s $52 million Series C in 2019.

Photo by Min An



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