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AWS offers the most scalable, highest performing data services to keep up with the growing volume and velocity of data to help organizations to be data-driven in real-time. We help customers unify diverse data sources by investing in a zero ETL future. We provide the industry’s most comprehensive set of capabilities for an end-to-end data strategy for all your workloads. And, our services help you enable end-to-end data governance so your teams are free to move faster with data.

This post walks you through all of the new analytics service launches. You’ll find links to blog posts, announcements, session recordings, and press releases so you can dive deeper into those launches.

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Press releases

Press release – AWS Announces Five New Database and Analytics Capabilities

This press release covers five new database and analytics capabilities that make it faster and easier for you to manage and analyze data at petabyte scale—Amazon DocumentDB Elastic Clusters, Amazon OpenSearch Serverless, Amazon Athena for Apache Spark, AWS Glue Data Quality, and Amazon Redshift Multi-AZ.

Press release – AWS Announced Five New Capabilities for Amazon QuickSight

This press release covers five new capabilities for Amazon QuickSight, the most popular serverless BI service built for the cloud. These new capabilities will help customers streamline business intelligence operations.

Press release – AWS Announced Two New Capabilities to Move Toward a Zero-ETL Future on AWS

This press release covers two new integrations that make it easier for customers to connect and analyze data across data stores without having to move data between services.

Press release – AWS Announced Amazon DataZone

Amazon DataZone makes it faster and easier for customers to catalog, discover, share, and govern data stored across AWS, on premises, and on third-party sources. To learn more about Amazon DataZone, please visit the product page or watch the re:Invent session recording.

Keynotes and leadership sessions

Adam Selipsky, Chief Executive Officer of Amazon Web Services, highlighted innovations in data, infrastructure, and more that are helping customers achieve their goals faster, take advantage of untapped potential, and create a better future with AWS. The analytics new launches Adam mentioned include Amazon OpenSearch Serverless, Amazon DataZone, and Amazon Aurora zero-ETL integration with Amazon Redshift.

Swami Sivasubramanian, Vice President of AWS Data and Machine Learning, revealed the latest AWS innovations that can help you transform your company’s data into meaningful insights and actions for your business. In this keynote, Swami launched Amazon Athena for Apache Spark, Amazon Redshift integration for Apache Spark, Amazon Redshift Multi-AZ, AWS Glue Data Quality, and other new AWS capabilities.

G2 Krishnamoorthy, VP of AWS Analytics, covered the latest service innovations around data and also highlighted customer successes with AWS analytics. New analytics capabilities he covered include AWS Glue for Ray, Amazon Redshift Streaming Ingestion, Amazon Aurora zero-ETL to Amazon Redshift, Amazon Redshift integration for Apache Spark, Amazon DataZone, Amazon Athena for Apache Spark, Amazon OpenSearch Serverless, Amazon QuickSight API, and more.

Mai-Lan Tomsen Bukovec, Vice President of AWS Foundational Data Services, and Andy Warfield, AWS Distinguished Engineer, shared the latest AWS storage innovations and an inside look at how customers drive modern business on data lakes and with high-performance data. They also dived deep into technical and organizational strategies that protect with resilience, respond with agility, and fuel innovations with data-driven insights on AWS storage.

Amazon DataZone

To gain value from your data, it needs to be accessible by people and systems that need it for analytics. This session introduces you to Amazon DataZone, a new AWS business data catalog that allows you to unlock data across organizational boundaries with built-in governance.

Amazon Security Lake

Amazon Redshift

Watch the recording to learn about important new features of Amazon Redshift. Learn how Amazon Redshift reinvented data warehousing to help you analyze all your data across data lakes, data warehouses, and databases with the best price performance. In this session, Goldman Sachs shared their Amazon Redshift use case.

Amazon OpenSearch Service

Streaming services

AWS Glue

Amazon Athena

  • Blog – New — Amazon Athena for Apache Spark
    With this feature, we can run Apache Spark workloads, use Jupyter Notebook as the interface to perform data processing on Athena, and programmatically interact with Spark applications using Athena APIs.

Amazon QuickSight

Amazon AppFlow

Thanks for reading! re:Invent is certainly not just about new launches. The Analytics and Business Intelligence tracks dived deep into each one of the analytics services through sessions (86 in total!), covering a wide range of topics and use cases.

Check out the YouTube playlist for session recordings.

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