Top 5 Largest Twitch Donations of All Time

Twitch’s live-streaming platform is where many entertainers make their life’s earnings. And often, viewers shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars to support their favorite content creators.

even the streamers themselves didn’t know what to think

Some donations seen on Twitch have been so mind-blowing even the streamers themselves didn’t know what to think. Now, VegasSlotsOnline News will look at five of the biggest legitimate donations ever given on the Amazon-owned streaming platform.

1. Dr. Lupo – $1m

One million dollars is quite a sum of money, and during a charity stream, popular Twitch streamer Dr. Lupo received exactly that amount from Twitch itself.

Benjamin Lupo, otherwise known as Dr. Lupo, had a target to raise $2m for cancer research during a charity stream for St. Jude. Even after a sizeable joint donation from Mr. Beast and Ninja, Dr. Lupo still raked in a singular $1m from Twitch:

Though some noteworthy donations are purposefully seeded to boost the visibility and popularity of the site, Twitch’s monster move still stands today as the largest donation in the history of the streaming platform. However, since then Dr. Lupo has dropped Twitch and signed an exclusive deal with YouTube Gaming.

2. Ninja – $100,000

Anyone familiar with Twitch has likely have heard of the streaming icon Ninja. Ninja (Richard Tyler Blevins) is a popular professional gamer that soared to stardom by playing the battle royale video game Fortnite.

Like Dr. Lupo, Ninja received a mammoth donation while streaming for charity. During the GuardianCon charity stream, he received a $100,000 donation from an anonymous donor. GuardianCon is a gaming convention that donates its proceeds to St. Jude.

The name of the anonymous donor was never given, but Ninja was evidently blown away by their generosity. He responded with:

“Are you out of this world!?”

3. ExoticChaotic – $75,000

A natural reaction to getting a donation of thousands of dollars is blatant disbelief. That’s precisely what Fortnite streamer ExoticChaotic (Dallas Whitaker) displayed when he received a donation of a whopping $75,000.

Often, only high-profile streamers get monstrous donations, and ExoticChaotic wasn’t necessarily a big streamer when he received the third-largest donation in Twitch history. Immediately after receiving it, he logged into his PayPal account to confirm it was legitimate.

It was gifted to him by a Twitch user named KingMascot, who was an early Bitcoin investor and a friend of ExoticChaotic. He knew that Whitaker was having a rough time streaming and wanted to use his wealth to support his friend:

4. CouRage – $70,000

After challenging Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop to win a Fortnite game, Mr. Beast and Miniminter joint-donated the streamer a stunning $70,000.

Mr. Beast has already made a name for himself as an entertainer, philanthropist, and charitable giver. Estimates suggest that he has given away more than $20m to thousands of people since his first video on YouTube.

the pair donated $100,000 on that day

The streamer confirmed that he and Miniminter actually contacted a number of different content creators on the same day to let them know they would receive substantial rewards if they won their next Fortnite Solos match. Ultimately, the pair donated $100,000 on that day, the largest portion going to CouRage.

5. Amouranth – $70,000

Amouranth is one of the top female streamers worldwide and is currently the most-viewed female streamer on Twitch. Her largest-ever donation was gifted to her in person:

More specifically, after opening a package on stream, Amouranth discovered that an anonymous viewer had sent her $70,000 in cash. The unknown box also contained a brand-new iPhone, self-defense weapons, and phone numbers for pre-paid “bodyguards.”

Though she confirmed on-stream that the funds seemed legitimate, there’s been no further confirmation on whether or not the money was, in fact, real.





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