Top 5 highest RTP live casino games

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Which live casino games available to Kiwis offer the highest RTP? In today’s article, we have come up with the 5 absolute highest RTP live casino games available to players in New Zealand. We tell you more about which live games have the highest RTP and where you can play them.

Here is a quick overview of the 5 highest RTP live casino games in NZ:

Rank Game Developer RTP
#1. Infinite Blackjack Evolution 99,47%
#2. Azure Blackjack Pragmatic Live 99,28%
#3. Second hand casino hold em Evolution 99,18%
#4. Golden Wealth Baccarat Playtech 98,85%
#5. Lightning Baccarat Evolution 98,76%

#1. Infinite Blackjack by Evolution – RTP 99,47%

At the top of the list of best live games based on highest RTP we find Evolution’s Inifite Blackjack game. This Blackjack game has a theoretical payback of 99.47%. The game is available at quite a few NZ casinos that offer games from Evolution. However, we recommend LeoVegas as the first choice because they both offer the game and have their own jackpot linked to the game which we can win completely randomly at any time while playing Infinite Blackjack.

About Infinite Blackjack

As the name suggests, an unlimited number of players can join the game simultaneously. This is made possible through the use of advanced technology and software, ensuring that players never have to wait for a seat at the table.

Infinite Blackjack

Where to play Infinite Blackjack?

We recommend LeoVegas casino that offers the game and also has a built-in jackpot that the game can pay out at any time.

#2. Azure Blackjack by Pragmatic Live – RTP 99,28%

Azure Blackjack is another Blackjack game with a high RTP, but this particular game is developed by Pragmatic Live. The game is available at a few NZ casinos and the best of them in our opinion is LeoVegas also for this game, partly because it is available but also because this game is also connected to Leo’s own live jackpots so that at any time during the game we can win a jackpot.

About Azure Blackjack

Unlike Infinite Blackjack, Azure Blackjack typically caters to players who prefer higher betting limits. This makes it suitable for those looking for a more upscale and exclusive gaming experience.

Azure Blackjack

Where to play Azure Blackjack?

We recommend Christchurch casinos as it is one of the few NZ casinos that actually offer this game. In addition, all customers automatically earn loyalty points when playing in the live casino.

#3. Second hand casino hold em – RTP 99,18%

The fourth game on the list is a Casino Holdem game that has also been created by Evolution. The game is called Second Hand Casino Hold Em and has a theoretical payback of 99.18%. Few NZ casinos unfortunately offer the game, but again LeoVegas is the savior in need who have the game in their game selection and which is also linked to their live jackpot.

About Second Hand Casino Hold Em

The “second hand” aspect of this variant comes into play after the initial round of betting. Players have the option to place an additional wager to play a second hand against the dealer.

Second hand casino holdem

Where to play Second Hand Casino Hold Em?

We recommend LeoVegas, where the game is available with a built-in Leo jackpot that can be paid out at any time during the game round.

#4. Golden Wealth Baccarat by Playtech – RTP 98,85%

In 5th place we have a Baccarat game created by Playtech. The Golden Wealth Baccarat Live game has a theoretical payback of 98.85% and is offered at several NZ casinos with Playtech’s live games.

About Golden Wealth Baccarat

One of the distinguishing features of Golden Wealth Baccarat is the Golden Chip side bet option. Players have the opportunity to place a Golden Chip side bet, which adds an extra layer of excitement to the game. This side bet typically offers higher payouts for specific outcomes, such as a Natural 9 or a Natural 8.

Golden Wealth Baccarat Live

Where to play Golden Wealth Baccarat?

We recommend RoyalPanda, which offers the game both in a live version and in an RNG version without a live dealer.

#5. Lightning Baccarat by Evolution – RTP 98,76%

Last but not least we find Lightning Baccarat in fifth place with a theoretical return of 98.76%. This live game is also created by Evolution, which is one of the world’s largest live game providers, which means that it is available at quite a few NZ casinos.

About Lightning Baccarat

The most distinctive feature of Lightning Baccarat is the introduction of random multipliers, also known as “Lightning Cards.” Before each round, a certain number of cards are randomly selected and assigned multiplier values ranging from 2x to 8x. These multipliers apply to specific winning bets, potentially boosting payouts significantly.

Lightning Baccarat

Where to play Lighting Baccarat?

We recommend LeoVegas, where new customers are welcomed with a live casino bonus and where you can also win Leo’s own jackpot while playing live games.



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