Top 10 DeFi and Web3 infrastructure startups Revolutionizing the Industry in Q1 2023

In fact, Web3 startups raised an astounding $7.1 billion in funding in 2022, demonstrating their influence on the future of finance and blockchain. These startups are revolutionizing the industry by democratizing access, interoperability, and scalability through decentralized credit platforms, interchain solutions, and more. They’re creating a more inclusive and transparent financial ecosystem, making them worth watching.

The InnMind team has observed numerous startups in these verticals, including those that pitched on Web3 VC Pitching Sessions, and we’ve curated a list of the 10 most promising ones that investors and Web3 enthusiasts should keep an eye on. Join us as we delve into the future of DeFi and Web3, and unveil the Top 10 startups leading the way in Q1 2023—and why their products have massive market potential.

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Pioneering the future of decentralized autonomous companies (DACs), KORIS empowers users to easily and securely create, run, and manage their own DACs using smart contracts and blockchain technology—no human intervention required. This innovative approach can significantly reduce operational costs and increase efficiency, making businesses more competitive and sustainable in the long run.
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Simplifying payments, budgeting, and travel bookings with blockchain technology and stablecoins, Flywallet rewards users with cashback on flights and helps them save money and plan their trips effortlessly. By streamlining transactions and offering incentives, Flywallet has the potential to revolutionize the travel industry and attract a wide user base looking for seamless travel experiences.
Startup profile:


One Click Crypto:

Equipping customers with AI-powered tools for cryptocurrency portfolio management and DeFi, One Click Crypto streamlines investments, performance tracking, and market information access. As the adoption of cryptocurrencies grows, One Click Crypto’s user-friendly platform can become indispensable for both newcomers and seasoned investors.
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Offering a user-friendly mobile banking app complete with a digital wallet and debit card for digital currencies, Boundlesspay enables users to store and spend cryptocurrencies worldwide, as well as access crypto loans, utility payments, and investment services. Its all-in-one approach caters to the increasing demand for convenient and secure crypto banking solutions.
Startup profile:


NUVO (formerly Matrix):

NUVO makes building decentralized applications (dApps) a breeze for Web 2 and Web 3 developers with its intermediate platform, and fosters dApp growth through a user engagement structure. As more businesses and individuals embrace decentralization, NUVO’s platform can become a go-to tool for rapid dApp development and adoption.
Startup profile:



Providing a one-stop hub for decentralized financial solutions on StarkNet, a Layer 2 network powered by StarkWare, StarkDeFi features an automated market maker and other innovative DeFi solutions. Its integration with the scalable StarkNet can drive the mass adoption of DeFi services by minimizing congestion and lowering transaction costs.
Startup profile:


Alium Finance:

Revolutionizing the multi-chain decentralized exchange landscape with hybrid liquidity functionality, Alium Finance enables token exchanges across 10 blockchains, and offers unique investment, trading, and business opportunities. This flexibility can attract a diverse user base and foster cross-chain collaboration, further boosting the growth of the DeFi ecosystem.
Startup profile:



Fusing Web 3 community principles with travel, Astrek aims to create an immersive and user-friendly platform for globetrotters. Users can book and pay for trips without intermediaries, using blockchain and NFT technology, and earn rewards for sharing reviews, experiences, and itineraries. Astrek’s combination of cutting-edge technology and user engagement can disrupt the travel industry by empowering travelers and fostering a decentralized, collaborative community.
Startup profile:



Introducing a decentralized platform for trading perpetual contracts with up to 10x leverage, Palmswap employs an innovative mechanism called Trading Cycles to reward users with tokens based on their trading volume and open interest. As the derivatives market continues to grow, Palmswap’s unique approach can attract a wide range of traders seeking more flexible and rewarding trading experiences.
Startup profile:



Pioneering the tokenization of real estate, Binaryx is developing a decentralized marketplace for tokenized assets, allowing retail investors to tap into next-generation real estate opportunities. By making real estate investments more accessible and liquid, Binaryx’s platform has the potential to disrupt traditional real estate markets and unlock new possibilities for investors.
Startup profile:


In summary, these Top 10 DeFi and Web3 startups are defying the bear market and showcasing their potential to dominate the industry. Their groundbreaking products and services demonstrate how the DeFi and Web3 sectors can remain attractive to VC investors and enthusiasts alike.

By keeping an eye on these innovative startups, we can better understand the future of the rapidly evolving DeFi and Web3 landscape. And to keep an eye on and not to miss the next promising startups in web3 verticals, we recommend you to register for free on the InnMind platform and access the world’s largest web3 startups and VCs community.

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