This year has seen more new tokens enter the digital landscape than ever before, which has seen the total number of digital tokens surpass 20,000. However, the boom is far from over as several impressive assets prepare to hit the market over the coming months. Toon Finance Coin is undoubtedly one of the most exciting prospects for new and seasoned investors alike, not least following the news that it has been added to two of the biggest ICOs ahead of its official release on January,1.

Investors will want to keep an eye on Toon Finance at the end of 2022 and into 2023 and beyond. Here’s what they need to know about the digital asset and the significance of its rapid inclusion to and

What is Toon Finance?

Toon Finance is a fresh and exciting decentralized finance platform that combines blockchain tech and P2E gaming to help members of its community trade NFTs, exchange cryptocurrency, and bridge blockchains in one P2E metaverse. It takes the potential of P2E endeavors to the next level, providing elements of competitive gaming to more traditional crypt trading as well as NFT collecting and exchanging.

The platform’s iconic Space Battle Grounds is supported by SHA256 encryption for fair results while the cute cartoon mascots are sure to win fans. Ultimately, the Toon Finance metaverse is designed with flexibility in mind and enables users to explore and invest in a way that feels right for them. Whichever unique path an individual community member might take, though, the Toon Finance Coin will be at the heart of every transaction.

Toon Finance’s digital token won’t officially launch until the first day of 2023, but it is already available to early investors courtesy of a pre-sale phase that is currently in the second stage of its roadmap. Inventors can purchase $TFT tokens by using ETH from their existing crypto wallets. 

With a current price of $0.014, there is a fantastic opportunity for early investors to secure tokens at a discounted price for healthy returns in early 2023 although many investors will target long-term growth instead.

Why ICO inclusion is vital

Toon Finance isn’t the first P2E community powered by blockchain tech and cryptocurrency exchanges. Unlike many, though, it has already secured its place on and These are two of the biggest ICOs, or initial coin offering (ICO), and are crucial for new crypto endeavours for the sake of awareness and fundraising in their early phases.

ICO inclusion by two of the biggest crypto exchange platforms can transform public perceptions by legitimizing the blockchain solution. Crucially, it gives investors an opportunity to secure their digital tokens at launch. Whether the digital asset isn’t set for a pre-sale or investors want to keep their trades limited to the platform that they know and love doesn’t matter. The impacts of encouraging pre-launch and at-launch trading can help new communities get up and running far sooner,

While creating a successful ICO is shown to set companies back at least $60,000, it should be noted that ICO projects raised around $5bn last year. In many cases, a successful launch also sets the foundation for future investments. For companies who operate in the metaverse, it also delivers the opportunity to target investors that are solely focused on the financial incentives rather than any goal of holding NFT artwork or competing against other community members. 

It isn’t a requisite for every successful digital asset to manage a powerful ICO campaign. However, with thousands of digital tokens to choose from, prospective investors and community members need to have a clear motive for investing in a specific token. ICOs certainly help.

In the case of Toon Finance, the fact that the ICO has been confirmed almost two months before the public launch adds further optimism.

How can investors use ICOs to their advantage?

Checking out the latest ICOs is a smart move for new and long-term investors to bolster their portfolios with low-cost, low-risk tokens that can return good profits in a short space of time. Buying in pre-sales or on the day of a launch will open the door to multiple trading tactics if the asset gets off to a positive start. 

With the right research into the platforms and ventures behind the coins, whether they’re functional or memecoins, will enable investors to make smarter decisions for improved performance in the competitive digital landscape. If the token is attributed to a platform that excites the investor too, that’s even better.

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