Global cross-border payments firm Thunes announced that it has been granted a payment license by the French regulator, enabling it to send payments worldwide on behalf of its French or EU customers and partners.

The latest regulatory approval in France complements Thunes’ existing license allowing the company to conduct payment acquisition services for merchants, marketplaces and payment service providers for regulated financial institutions in the region.

With the new license, Thunes said that it can accelerate its expansion by onboarding new companies of all sizes in the EU and opening additional avenues for various use cases.

Peter De Caluwe

Peter De Caluwe

Peter de Caluwe, CEO of Thunes said,

“It is a significant milestone, not only for Thunes, but also for our customers. As we’re extending our licensing coverage and transforming into a major payment powerhouse connecting Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America, we can play a crucial role in helping ambitious European fintechs and aspiring global innovators expand their reach to new cross-border markets.”

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