Fishing: North Atlantic - A.F. Theriault DLC Xbox

It may be coming up to two years since it first released, but it is time to return to Fishing: North Atlantic with this latest DLC. Expand your fleet with three new boats in the Fishing: North Atlantic – A.F. Theriault DLC, out today on Xbox, PC and PlayStation.

Fans of Fishing: North Atlantic and indeed fishing in general are being spoiled today with not one, not two but three brand new fishing boats to take to the seas with. Head over to the shipyards at Yarmouth, Lockeport and Ingalls Head to find your shiny new fishing boats.

These three new boats are all fully licensed from A. F. Theriault & Son Ltd. so you can expect to see them faithfully recreated in Fishing: North Atlantic. These new boats support a variety of fishing as well including lobster, longline, net and deepline fishing. They also come in various sizes so are suitable for long and short fishing trips depending on what you are in the mood for.

Let’s hope these new vessels make the journeys more enjoyable around Nova Scotia. Our initial review of Fishing: North Atlantic was full of praise for the visuals and actual fishing, but not so much the getting from A to B aspect. These new boats should hopefully offer something new to look at to make those journeys feel a little bit shorter.

The Fishing: North Atlantic – A.F. Theriault is out now on the Xbox Store priced at £5.79. It should go without saying you will need the Fishing: North Atlantic base game as well, this is up on the store for £24.99. Our resident TXH fisherman will be lapping this DLC up, but let us know in the comments below if you also plan on picking this up.

DLC DescriptionExpand your fishing fleet with the brand-new official DLC for Fishing: North Atlantic. This DLC includes three licensed combi boats from the license partner, A. F. Theriault & Son Ltd