Since we are all PC gamers here, I can only hope that many of us were delighted with wonderful PC gamer presents over the holidays. Maybe you scored some great new peripherals like an excellent gaming keyboard (opens in new tab) or mouse, or if you were super lucky perhaps a whole new rig? If you’re anything like me, your loved ones might live far and wide so digital gifts often rain down. This means a nice increase to my digital gaming library, but that introduces the problem of where to put it all.

Well there’s good news, especially for those of us who didn’t score the brand new builds. PCIe 4 compatible storage is getting cheaper and cheaper to the point where right now you can grab 4TBs of the stuff for under $250. These prices have got to be some of the cheapest around for storage of this quality, at least that I’ve seen. Though, it’s worth noting that while a very good deal, PCIe 4 storage might just continue to get cheaper as PCIe 5 rolls out.

Sure, you can delete stuff to make room, but why bother when Teamgroup is offering its 4TB of M.2 form SSD memory right now for $242.99 USD at Amazon (opens in new tab). These sticks boast a read/write speed up to 3,500/2,900 MB/s so you can certainly get faster options like Teamgroup’s Cardea A440 2TB SSD (opens in new tab) that pushes the limits of what the PCIe 4 connection is even capable of. You’ll definitely pay a bit extra for one of those if you’re after those speeds especially with this much storage.

For most gamers the SSDs in this sale will be a great addition to their builds. It’s 4GB of what will still be very fast storage, especially if you’re used to anything less. That’s a perfect drive to store games on and still have them boot and run beautifully without having to fork out too much cash. These guys also have a five year warranty to rely on. Plus it’s always nice to not have to worry when downloading our entire Steam libraries just for fun.

Besides, anyone wanting the fastest of the fast is likely aiming to get their full PCIe 5 build on. With compatible chipsets like Raptor Lake and AMD’s 7000 series out (opens in new tab), we’re seeing much more support for the new standard and it is looking very slick (opens in new tab). We’ve already seen some impressive displays from brands like Corsair getting 40% improvements (opens in new tab) on their sequential read/write speeds.

If your heart is set on PCIe 5, then even if just a crux in the meantime this deal is still pretty great. Especially if you can repurpose that storage later. It’s hard to say not to 4TB of SSD that we’re sure many machines would be thankful for. Still, we should be seeing plenty more PCIe 5 goodies at CES early next year.