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Update: The Xbox Shellebration update has been pulled last minute. We’ll keep you looped as to when it drops.

Can you believe it’s been seven years since Ultimate Chicken Horse burst onto the scene? Well, if you’re an Xbox gamer, it’s not quite been that long, only releasing in 2017, but still, it’s been some time. It’s a game that provides a ton of fun too, especially since the seven-year anniversary update adds to it. 

Available today as a free update to Ultimate Chicken Horse is a ton of new content sitting under the Shellebration banner, as Clever Endeavour Games look to celebrate some seven years of madness. Rolling out to Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC today – with crossplay support in house – are a new character, a new skin, a new level, a new music track and no less than three new community designed outfits. 

It’s best for us to pass over to Clever Endeavour themselves as they take us through what is being provided, for free, to players of Ultimate Chicken Horse…

  • New Character: Turtle – Meet Turtle, the newest animal on the Ultimate Chicken Horse roster! Always ready to dive head-first into the next adventure, this plucky reptile never backs down from a challenge. Turtle’s no slowpoke when it comes to winning and won’t hesitate to slide straight into first place!
  • Alternative Skin: Armadillo – Look out, Turtle’s alternative skin just rolled in – it’s Armadillo! Don’t be intimidated by the tough exterior – Armadillo is a huge softie with a big heart.
  • New Outfits – Turtle and Armadillo share a wonderful wardrobe designed by our very own Ultimate Chicken Horse community! Mix and match these accessories for the perfect fit.
    • Helmet: It’s like a shell for your head!
    • Pirate Costume: Yer lookin’ as sharp as a cutlass, me hearty!
    • Ninja Gear: Only worn by true warriors of the night. (It glows in the dark.)
  • New Level: Metro – Don’t miss your train! Navigate the underground metro by sprinting across the roofs of train cars as they thunder by. Place building blocks and traps to fill the gaps between the station platforms, or risk falling into the deadly electrified rails! Make it to the opposite platform without being flattened to win! The Metro level features historic train stations straight from our studio’s home: Montreal, Canada.

In summary, that means you get access to…

  • 1 new character: Turtle
  • 1 alternative skin: Armadillo
  • 1 new level: Metro
  • 3 new community-designed outfits: Helmet, Pirate Costume, and Ninja Gear
  • 1 new music track

You’ll get access to the new content by playing levels with a “?” symbol next to them, collecting mystery boxes during play. 

You’ll obviously need a copy of Ultimate Chicken Horse on your favourite gaming device, with us throwing you the way of the Xbox Store so you can play on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It’s also on PlayStation, Switch and PC. 

Let us know if you decide to shellebrate with Clever Endeavour and Ultimate Chicken Horse. 

Source: https://www.thexboxhub.com/the-ultimate-chicken-horse-free-update-adds-new-character-levels-and-more/