atrio the dark wild

Serious hype – that’s pretty much all we can say about Atrio: The Dark Wild as it launches on Xbox and PC. 

Available right this minute and coming from the Isto Inc team, Atrio: The Dark Wild is a simulation strategy affair in which you’ll be tasked with concentrating on one thing – keeping your disposable little android-body alive, safe from harm. And neatly, you’ll do this by automating EVERYTHING!

Priced up at £14.99 from the Xbox Store, with a free trial available should you wish to just give this a little shot first, Atrio: The Dark Wild drops into version 1.0 with some serious hype around it. From the trailer and screenshots, that hype builds, as we begin to understand that everything in Atrio is, well, easy. Initially. And maybe even long-term too. 

Farming, foraging, crafting, capturing – that’s the basic loop that is kicking around in Atrio, and it’ll be up to you to automate these jobs in order to make your life as simple as humanly possible. With a stunning visual look – and we adore the art style here – to the unravelling of a deep story to the chance to become at one with nature, honing the skills of a roster of the most weird of creatures, from the outside looking in, there’s not much we dislike in Isto’s little creation. 

We’ll be sure to get hands-on to follow us that initial thought with a full review. 

If you wish to join us, you’ll discover that the key features are as follows:

  • Hand Crafted Open World – Explore a beautiful and unique world, shaped by the contrast of sharp neon lights and darkness, while you fight to turn the lights back on.
  • Witty Story- Unravel the real reason that you’ve been sent to the surface in this witty narrative experience. Unique Creatures – A roster of unexpected, half robot, half organic creatures wait for you on the surface.
  • Pooping Deer? – That’s right! Something as unusual as deer poop may be the key to your survival.

Sold? Thought so. Get over to the Xbox Store right this very minute and drop a purchase of Atrio: The Dark Wild in. Expect to pay £14.99 no matter whether you are playing on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. And yep, this is on PC too. 

Game Description:

Keep your disposable android-body alive by automating everything. Automate farming, foraging, crafting and capturing – and even assimilate creatures into your production lines during your impossible mission to relight the world.