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Stumble Guys is coming to console – first on Xbox!

We’ve been trying to work out how to run the news that Stumble Guys is coming to console, with an exclusive first launch on Xbox kicking things off, without mentioning Fall Guys. But seeing as we’ve broken those plans in the very first sentence, we’ll just crack on regardless. 

Stumble Guys on Xbox has today been announced for console. But the big news is that the smash-hit Fall Guys-clone will be racing onto Xbox first. The worldwide mobile phenomenon is one that should be highly anticipated by console folk. If only as it looks absolutely nuts. 

What is Stumble Guys?

A fast-paced, frenetic, highly social fun experience, Stumble Guys will look to build on the already thriving mobile community launch on Xbox and console. And why should players be interested? So they can be the last ‘Stumbler’ standing, of course. 

Running seamlessly from mobile and PC to console via multi-platform accounts, no matter where you want to play Stumble Guys, you’ll be able to get involved. If that is of interest and you’re an Xbox player, you can get pre-registering over at It’s that which will let you join the party and lock in launch benefits. What benefits? Well, how about early Beta access and free launch gifts?

Yeah okay, so we’ve established this is a bit of a Fall Guys clone, but surely there’s more to Stumble Guys than that? Judging by the current player count and response, we think so. It’s a game that has built a massive following and was one of the top 10 most downloaded apps in the world in 2022.

An insane number of players

Enjoyed by tens of millions of players every week, Stumble Guys is one of the most played games in over fifty countries. You’re also looking at upwards of 45 BILLION engagements across TikTok, YouTube, Discord, and more. Yeah, it’s safe to say this one has shot to fame. 

But why is it so loved? Well, players have flocked to Stumble Guys, mostly due to the accessible and competitive play style. Constantly evolving with varied events, tournaments, and imaginative levels, there are regular additions of new mechanics. These offer Stumblers more ways to cross the finish line; whether on foot, in vehicles, or through a high-stakes First-Person “Stumbler” mode.

Powered by community-led gameplay, fans can join massive tournaments and events hosted by top creators. Failing that, they can just hang out and play with friends however they like in Custom Parties.

The devs speak up

“Providing our ‘Stumble Guys’ communities with new ways to play is one of our highest priorities–and expanding to console is one of the top requests from fans. Starting with our launch on Xbox, ‘Stumblers’ will love to experience our ever-evolving 32-player competitions like never before–on a TV and with a controller in-hand,” said Jamie Berger, Senior Vice President of Marketing for “Stumble Guys” at Scopely. “With cross-progression for existing accounts at launch and crossplay coming soon after, we’re welcoming more people to join the party with current friends and all-new ones–wherever they play games.”

If you’re up for a game that offers up endless possibilities for self-expression, Stumble Guys is it. From angels to zombies and pretty much anything in between, there is a Stumbler available for every mood. The Stumbleverse is also filled with wildly creative and rare collectibles. Expect to find skins, emotes, and more that can be personalized to reflect each player’s unique style.

Should you be in the market for a new party-based battle royale affair, Stumble Guys should be able to deliver. It’s coming to console soon, first on Xbox. 

Are you excited? Grab it on Steam if you can’t wait.