lilas tale and the hidden forest

We’re not expecting huge things from the release of Lila’s Tale and the Hidden Forest as it comes to Xbox, but if you’re in the market for a magical platforming story, a download may just suffice. 

Priced at £4.19 with a launch discount dropping things down to the merest of the mere of £3.35, Lila’s Tale and the Hidden Forest arrives on the Xbox Store, playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S as a humble classic platformer

It’s been put together by the team, created and published by them as they look to build out the options available for Xbox players. And if you’ve played any platformer in the last, say, thirty years, this looks to compete. 

It has you playing as the daring duo of Lila and her friend Flee, as they traipse through magical forests in hope of discovering the secrets that it holds. Animal friends pop up for chatter, big bad enemies attempt to put a halt to their progress, and a wonderful little world looks to await. 

Whether you look to go it alone or team up with a local multiplayer friend, the hidden forest needs your help in Lila’s Tale and the Hidden Forest. Will you step up to the challenge? 

Find the download you need over at the Xbox Store page. It’ll let you play on both Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. Keep an eye out for our review – it’s coming. You’ll find the game on Steam for PC where it’s picked up some fairly positive reviews since launch at the back end of last year, as well as being on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch too.

Game Description:

In this classical-inspired 2D game, players will cross challenging sceneries with magical themes, join forces with forest animals and defeat enemies that are ruining the forest. Main characters Lila and Flee are also quite the duo! Discover the secrets of the Hidden Forest of Solaria, its woods, desert and frozen mountains. Venture together with Lila and friends!