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If it’s unimaginable horror that you are after, then it’s Remorse: The List you need to be playing. Right now it’s available on Xbox and Nintendo Switch. 

A survival horror experience from the Feardemic team, Remorse: The List will drop you into the dark suburbs of Hidegpuszta, a small Hungarian town full of secrets. It’s up to you to uncover them. 

Already available on PC through Steam where it’s gathered up serious acclaim in the year or so since launch (you’re looking at ‘Very Positive’ reviews), Remorse: the List comes to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch, as another set of players get the opportunity to take in the horrors from within. 

Priced at £16.74, this should be seen as a classic survival horror experience, one that focuses on a mysterious list that is your only real clue to solving the true nature of this town. You’ll need to use your brains to work out the cryptic document, and your brawn to fight back against anything that may be getting in your way. Whether you do that in close-quarters melee stylee, or via use of some ranged weapons, is up to you. 

The key features of Remorse: The List include:

  •  It’s all connected – Explore the interconnected streets, parks, and abandoned buildings of a suburban Hungarian town
  •  Which news do you wanna hear first? – Pick your own order of going through the list
  •  Taking inventory – Mind your ammo, the odds are not in your favor
  •  Rules of engagement – Choose between many melee and ranged weapons
  •  That doesn’t sound good – Uncover the story using many clues such as video tapes, voice recordings and more

Keep an eye out for our full review of Remorse: The List, it’s coming real soon and we’ll be sure to let you know how this plays on Xbox. For now though, you can pick up a copy of the game by heading to the usual stores – the Xbox Store is our favourite but you’ll also find this on PC and Nintendo Switch. 

Give the reveal trailer a watch if you want to scare yourself silly. We’ve got Remorse: The List included in our best Xbox and Game Pass releases of the week too.

Game Description:

What secrets lurk in the sleepy, little Hungarian town, Hidegpuszta? That’s for you to find out! Remorse: The List is a survival horror in the classic sense, with open gameplay, an inventory, and combat. Explore the creepy, dark suburbs of Hidegpuszta and find out what secrets lie within. Your only clue? A mysterious list. Make sense of the cryptic document, use your head to solve the puzzles, and use both melee and ranged weapons to solve problems of a little more… aggressive nature. Count your bullets though, there’s even less of them than your blessings. Do you have what it takes to learn the true nature of this wretched place, and more importantly, to make it out alive?