Sometimes silly projects catch our eye, and we just can’t resist covering them. Over on, [solderking] realised that there was a glaring omission in the multi-game management hardware for the game boy Colour. Obviously, it’s too mundane to carry the game boy around with a bunch of games in one’s pocket, and a hardware multichanger would definitely improve the usability. This convenient, pocket-friendly multichanger allows you to dock up four game carts at a time, and with only a little mild inconvenience, spin the whole assembly, lock in a game and load it up. What could be easier?

Constructed from a ridiculous three-tier PCB stack, with a rotating center joint, the assembly is completely passive, with the connections from the ‘selected’ game cartridge passed down a series of connectors before finally entering the game boy via the usual edge connector. The mere fact that this works at all, just shows how tolerant (and we guess, slow) older gaming platforms used to be, and just what you can get away with! Still, it’s a fun build, and it does work, which just goes to show that just because you can, then you should.

We’re no strangers to game boy hacks. Here’s a useful cartridge to help with developing your first program. If the old platform is just a bit too limited for you, then we’ve got you covered with a hack that wedges an iCE40 FPGA and a Pi Zero inside the case, to give a bit more oomph.