The Dark Side of the Moon is a new Interactive FMV Thriller on Xbox

the dark side of the moon

Already on Steam and Nintendo Switch, a new interactive FMV thriller starts to play out on Xbox. Will you look to discover what is on The Dark Side of the Moon?

We could sit here and throw out some Pink Floyd beats forevermore if we wanted to, but we’ll prefer to focus on the game at hand and in The Dark Side of the Moon on Xbox, we could well be in for a treat. 

An FMV from someone other than the usual FV champs (hi, Wales Interactive!), The Dark Side of the Moon comes about via the Tayanna Studios team, as Xbox players are warned to keep watching the skies, all as a final eclipse rolls into play. 

It’s a premise that has us excited and whilst it would probably work well as a standard video game, the push through interactivity and the FMV scene heightens the excitement. 

Working live-action video with some point and click elements, The Dark Side of the Moon features no less than six outcomes as you try and help the protagonist – Dean Hamilton – bring his two children back to safety. The thing is, this is a game that plays on secrets, on mysteries, and with an impending solar eclipse incoming, and glowing lights in the sky, god knows what may happen. 

It plays out in the village of Marywine, a little place that is full of intrigue. It’s here where a bit of puzzle solving comes to the fore, all as you try to get to the bottom of what is going on in this sci-fi thriller. But whilst the basic premise may be a dark one, there’s tons of over-the-top promise in a game that rarely ever takes itself too seriously. 

As with any good FMV, success may well be down to the acting talents involved and in The Dark Side of the Moon you’ve got Anarosa Butler as computer geek conspiracy theorist Alyx and Rupert Booth taking on the role of the evil Gedeon. Both have plied their trade in Contradiction: Spot The Liar! and The Shapeshifting Detective previously. 

If you’re up for a bit of clock watching and ready to embark on a journey to The Dark Side of the Moon, then hit up the Xbox Store right now. The game is playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Grab it on PC through Steam or Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop if you prefer.

We’ll look to run a review of this one soon. 

Game Description:

The Dark Side of the Moon is a fully interactive FMV / Interactive Movie hybrid, featuring live-action video and point & click elements, along with a total of 6 different outcomes. When his two children randomly vanish throughout the night, it’s up to you to help Dean Hamilton bring them back home. As the mystery deepens decisions will need to be made and it’s down to you to make the right ones. Who can you trust? Who’s doing this? What’s the significance of the impending solar eclipse? And what are those strange glowing lights in the sky? Explore the quaint little village of “Marywine”, solve puzzles, make some startling discoveries and help unravel what’s really going on in this sci-fi thriller. A family-made game that doesn’t take itself too seriously and made for fans of over-the-top FMV games.



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