Pre-rolls are a great way to try a bunch of different strains and brands without breaking the bank. Consider them trial smokes before committing to buying an eighth.

And in California, there’s no shortage of pre-roll options. Some are quality smokes, while others are complete trash that should have never seen the light of day. For those searching for the former, here are some of the best pre-rolls in California right now.

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How we chose the best pre-rolls in California

Our standards for determining the best pre-rolls are based on the complete smoking experience: flavor translation, smokability, consistency amongst different strains, and lastly, is the weed fire?

  • Flavor: Weed can look and smell good in the jar, but when that flame hits the flora, those terpenes can deliver a grassy or cardboard taste that makes you wonder why you just dropped $10 – $20 on a single joint. The best quality cannabis flower and joints should offer both distinct and subtle flavors that are dynamic and unique to the strain.
  • Smokability: If your joint is harsh and burns your throat or makes you cough throughout smoking it, it’s not a good pre-roll. In fact, it’s not good weed. The brands listed below should protect you from that experience.
  • Consistency: Consistency is about two things: 1) If you buy a strain from a particular brand today and then again in four months, will the quality be as good as you remember? 2) If you buy various strains from this brand, will there be more positive than negative experiences when it comes to liking the flower and pre-rolls? The brands below are known for putting out good weed in a variety of flavors so you can always find something worth your money.
  • Is the weed fire? When the combination of the smoking experience, flavor, and effects come together, are you impressed? That’s all that really matters when deciding if you’re going to go back to that brand and buy its weed again. If the brand uses trim and shake for its pre-rolls, the answer is an automatic “No.” Only full-flower joints will prosper here.

Best overall pre-rolls in California

There’s a lot of good weed in California, all of which can’t be confined to a single list. In no particular order, these are the best pre-rolls in the Golden State’s legal adult-use market.

710 Labs

710 Labs is known for putting out fire flower, ice water hash, rosin — all of it. The brand’s 1-gram pre-rolls — called “Noodle Doinks” — are highly recognizable due to the rotini noodles used as crutches.

These hand-rolled joints may cost a little bit more than the other choices on this list, but I can tell you that the weed is good, tastes great, and will get you very high, regardless of which strain you purchase.

Alien Labs

When it comes to good weed from good people, Alien Labs never disappoints. From flower to extracts, the brand’s almost guaranteed to put out nothing but top-tier products. So when it comes to pre-rolls, every flavor, from its classics like Area 41 and Sherbacio to some of its newer strains like Atomic Apple, Y2K, and Creme de Menthe, are home runs. Find them in 1-gram singles or 3.5-gram 5-packs.

Fig Farms

I will climb the highest mountain to scream Fig Farms’ praises. The weed is amazing. If you see a jar or pre-roll of it on shelves, get it immediately because every strain it kicks out is heat. The heatest.

Lately, Fig Farms’ Dark Karma has been my favorite smoke. It’s a cross of Dutch Treat and Strange Love that could have you sitting back on the couch like, “Damn, I am absolutely stoned.” If Dark Karma is unavailable, snatch up some Animal Face, Blue Face, and/or 6ixth Sense. You will not be disappointed.

Ember Valley

Ember Valley is a brand that lives at the intersection of flavor and potency. Its Berry Jane is one of my favorite flowers of the past year, along with the Dosi-De-Leche. While you can get its strains in regular 2-packs of 0.5-gram joints, the fun purchase is Ember’s cross joints which consist of two flavors at once. If unavailable, scoop up one of the Darts joint packs.


Blueprint is a relatively new brand that’s been making big splashes since it came into the recreational market in 2021. Its Triple Lindy is one of the most undeniable strains out there — it’s super flavorful and gets you absolutely smacked, which is why it won Zalympix.

In pre-roll form, you can try many of its flavors like Dr. FreezeJesus Shuttlesworth, and The One. Don’t sleep on Blueprint’s weed. You will regret it.


You probably already know about Insane and its legend in regard to OG Kush’s history in California. If not, grab a bag of Insane OG and you’ll immediately understand why people respect this brand so much. All of its strains are top-tier and worth your time.

If you like GMO, that OMG will do you right; if you like Biscotti, that Beam Me Up Scotti will take you directly to the ninth cloud. Once you smoke any of these strains, you’ll immediately be searching for eighths of Insane flower wherever you are — it’s that good.

THC Design

THC Design‘s weed typically provides a smooth smoking experience with a nice taste. The brand is most known for its Crescendo flower, but its RS#11 pre-roll is an amazing way to try what will surely be one of the most popular strains of 2023. If you like old-school strains or Jack Herer genetics, the XJ-13 is a nice blast from the past, too. You can get THC Design pre-rolls as singles or in 5-packs.

Talking Trees

Talking Trees is some Humboldt County-grown cannabis that will make any doubter believe in outdoor weed. I came across one of its White Tahoe Cookies pre-rolls in a Hall of Flowers pack that absolutely blew me away with how smooth it smoked, how bold the flavor was, and how clean the ash burned. You can’t go wrong with Talking Trees.


Cultivated by Cali Lotus, Unruly OG from BLEM is the truth. Buy it, smoke it, love it. You can get it as a 0.75-gram or 1.4-gram joint. I’d suggest going with the latter as it comes with a glass tip that promotes a much better taste and experience than a simple cardboard tip on a Raw cone.

If Unruly OG is unavailable, that Cyattie is a nice smoke too.

Seed Junky

Seed Junky Genetics is known for breeding some of the most popular strains ever, like Wedding Cake and Jealousy. The weed it grows is fire, too, whether it be the Pineapple FruzAnimal Face, or Bubblegum Sherb in 1-gram pre-rolls.

Best budget pre-rolls in California

When it comes to weed on a budget (around $10 or under), consider the brands below.

Cannabiotix (CBX)

A CBX pre-roll is great weed for a great price, and its Super Silver Haze and Tropicanna options are the champions.

Pacific Stone

Pacific Stone has some of the best-selling pre-rolls in California due to its price and quantity. You can get 14 joints for around 50 bucks or a single joint for $7.

Farmer and the Felon

Farmer and the Felon has a huge selection of 1-gram pre-rolls for low prices.

Best infused pre-rolls

Infused pre-rolls are joints containing added concentrates for higher potency and flavor.

Fidels Hash Holes

Hash holes are joints that are rolled with hash rosin in the middle, which then burns with a hole running through the flower, hence the “hash hole.” They were proliferated by Fidels Hash Holes, and to this day, few have matched the quality that Fidel is able to uphold.

They come in two sizes: the classic Hash Holes contain 2.5 grams of flower and one gram of hash rosin, and the Mini Hash Holes have 1.5 grams of flower and 0.5 grams of hash rosin.

Connected Frenchies infused joints

Connected is in the same family as Alien Labs, so you can expect the same quality. Its Frenchies have indoor flower infused with THCA, brushed with live resin, then dusted with kief. They come in a 0.5-gram size, which is perfect for people who like mini joints for a personal sesh.

Cream of the Crop diamond barrels

Cream of the Crop’s diamond barrels are joints infused with THCA diamonds. They come with an obsidian rolling tip that makes for a very smooth flow of smoke. The high is also nice, as some infused joints get you dumb high, but in an anxious and annoying way. Instead, Cream of the Crop’s 1.4-gram diamond barrels may relax you without the anxiety. Try the Georgia Peaches x Jealous 41 diamond barrel first — Georgie Peaches is the brand’s flagship strain.

Punch Extracts’ Punch Rockets are well-respected for their potency. Face one of these and you could be slumped over thinking, “Damn, I should’ve known by the name.” Punch Rockets are hand-rolled, infused with rosin, and available with indoor flower or greenhouse flower, ensuring that for whatever budget, there’s an option for you.

Honorable mentions

Here are a few honorable mentions that didn’t fit the above lists perfectly, but you should definitely include them on your own list of smokeables to try.


Clarkies is a brand I came across at the last Hall of Flowers in Santa Rosa. It had the swag of, “We already know we have superior plants.” I gave both its LA Pop Rocks pre-roll and eighth a try. Bruh — delicious. No clue where you can find this brand, but if you do, scoop it.


HeadyHeads rolls huge 3.5-gram joints that come in 3-packs. They’re excellent for seshes with multiple folks and are available at Greenwolf dispensaries around California. Grab the 3-pack of Bazquiat flower.

Flight Path

Flavor, quality, and strain diversity all come to you with Flight Path’s products. Cop its 1-gram pre-rolls or the 5-pack joints.


The Zkittlez pre-rolls from Cali-X are some of the best Z smokes out there.

Editor’s note: Weedmaps does not get affiliate revenue from the brands recommended in this article. All products are chosen independently. The only influence Weedmaps News is under is weed.