As part of the ongoing transition from a more traditional Classifieds website to a contemporary full-scale online Marketplace, Adpost is currently introducing new Web3 features. Not much will change for existing users, with the exception of a safer and more secure online shopping experience. At the same time, options will be introduced that provide a host of added benefits for both the new and the older Adpost community members.

For those individuals who are experienced in the world of internet marketing and who wish to continue buying and selling goods and services online, there will be very little change to the existing Adpost UX or user experience. Free online classified ads may still be placed on site where they may potentially be seen by millions of Adpost community members.

Adpost has managed to attract a large audience base and billions of page views over the course of its 20-year history as a free online classified ads website. The transition to Web3 technologies not only serves to allow Adpost to keep up with the times, but provides many direct benefits to the Adpost community members including access to a large-scale online marketplace.

New security features have been integrated into the Adpost free online marketplace including a Web3 Escrow feature that provides more protection for both buyers and sellers. This new feature is available to all buyers and sellers who are trading, swapping items, or who are otherwise engaged in transactions using the tokenized system for swapping products and services online.

When any tokenized transaction is initiated and the Adpost Escrow option is selected, the tokens from the buyer are entered into a Web3 escrow account that is protected by a Smart Contract and other security measures. The seller can then ship items using the delivery company of their choice, and upon confirmation of product delivery to the purchaser, the tokens will be released to the seller.

This greatly reduces the potential for the Adpost community members to fall victim to the scams so common on sites like Craigslist and the Adpost Marketplace. In the event that the delivery of the product cannot be confirmed, all the tokens paid in by the buyer will be returned to the buyer within a reasonable period of time and without risk of loss.

The integration of the tokenized system further benefits the Adpost community members by making it easier to engage in online Swaps for goods and services in a manner more commonly associated with barter systems of old. Before the onset of Web3 technologies, the idea of an online swap meet was virtually inconceivable.

In the modern era, the idea of online swap meets and barter systems is becoming both more common and more popular. These additional benefits being made available to the Adpost community members are again made possible through the integration of newer technologies. The use of the tokenized system will allow both the buyers and the sellers within the Adpost community to agree upon a fair market value, and to exchange their goods and services accordingly.

The integration of the tokenized system, the smart contract, and the online Swap meet ensure that Adpost community members may elect to access their tokens immediately should they so desire. They may also decide to leave their tokens safely and securely stored in digital formats so that they are available for ongoing transactions that must be conducted online.

The Adpost Web3 Marketplace currently supports the Tether (USDT) token on Polygon, a multi-chain blockchain compatible with Ethereum. There is an immediate benefit to the Adpost community members as they can now actively engage in Web3 transactions, including the ability to enjoy the Web3 escrow services to protect all online purchases.

The MetaMask wallets are both free and come with an excellent support system to assist people who are not yet overly familiar with Web3 technologies. The application is easy to use and allows for a multitude of tokens to be used but making it possible to do so directly from the web browser without having to learn new and complex systems.

The tokenized system established as part of the Adpost Web3 Marketplace is further designed to benefit community members by reducing the direct cost for transaction fees. While the idea of transaction fees is nothing new, it seems that in the modern era, everyone from credit card companies to the local grocery store are tacking on hidden fees that quickly add up with every purchase.

The gas fees associated with the Polygon blockchain are among the lowest within the industry. Future plans for growth and expansion of the Adpost Web3 Marketplace will see an increased number of options, but for the opening phase of the online swap market, minimal transaction fees seemed a reasonable way to start the proverbial ball rolling. Future options will ultimately be determined through interactions with the Adpost community members and based on their specific needs.

The initial focus of the Adpost Web3 Marketplace at present is to rely on the stablecoins or stabilized tokens, being directly linked to the US Dollar, which remains the global reserve currency. In short, this means that it is not subject to the current bear markets and other downward trends within the Web3 world. This close association with the US dollar also makes it substantially easier to establish a fixed value for items being swapped in the online swap meets.

The fact that the stablecoins are tied to the US dollar also allows for businesses and others who may be engaged in online transactions to hold an operational reserve online. This process, even in the opening phase of the Adpost Web3 Marketplace, mitigates the risk of loss due to the devaluation or the many other concerns currently plaguing the speculative trade markets and crypto-exchanges. As was previously noted, there will be additional options available soon, but these will be determined based on the feedback and the needs of the active Adpost community members.

The Adpost Web3 Marketplace has been described as Web5 due to the fact that it integrates both Web2 and Web3 technologies for the direct benefit of the community members. Among the many benefits this provides is an increased audience for all parties involved.

There are currently a limited number of online swap meets, and fewer still that allow for both Web2 and Web3 transactions. The Adpost Web3 Marketplace is constantly working directly with the community members to ensure that the growth and expansion of Adpost aligns with the wants and needs, and to the benefit of the Adpost community members. Individuals who are interested are welcome to join the Adpost community on their Discord Server or by visiting their website for more information.

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