Congratulations to the following Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence: Best of 2022 winners in the category of “Higher Education”:

Best of 2022 Higher Education

Aver TR333V2

(Image credit: Aver)

AVer Information TR333V2 AI Auto Tracking Camera (opens in new tab) 
The AVer TR333V2 30X 4K AI Auto Tracking Camera features include a 30X optical zoom and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology that can track the presenter without the need for a camera operator. The judges called it “a professional grade remote learning camera designed for higher education lecture halls and for professors that don’t want to be videographers as well.” 

BenQ Education RP03 BenQ Board

(Image credit: BenQ)

BenQ RP03 smart board  (opens in new tab)
The BenQ Board RP03 smart board features single sign-on, cloud access, screen sharing, split-screen, screen recording, and annotation tools, as well as a germ-resistant interactive display. Our judges liked that professors can use the board to record lessons and to spark learning. 


(Image credit: Classlink)

ClassLink ClassLink Suite (opens in new tab)
ClassLink Suite provides access to a number of ClassLink tools. These tools enable single-sign-on access, streamlined class rostering, and more while also providing educators with actionable analytics. The technology is used by more than 18 million students and staff in more than 2,400 school systems. The judges called the tool “a great value.” 

Compro Technologies Engage-Digital Learning Platform

(Image credit: Compro Technologies)

Compro Technologies Engage-Digital Learning Platform (opens in new tab)
This learning platform is designed for publishers and content providers to deliver digital content to students and instructors in an efficient manner and includes a complete digital publishing suite. The judges said, “A valuable platform for organizations to use to deliver their content in an effective way.”

Crestron Electronics, Inc. DM NVX® AV-over-IP

(Image credit: Crestron Electronics, Inc. )

Crestron Electronics, Inc. DM NVX® AV-over-IP (opens in new tab)
The DM NVX® AV-over-IP is designed to provide a superior gaming experience for both esports players and viewers. The tool also has specific models that support higher education applications. “The manageability and flexibility is excellent, as well as ease of installation and low network latency,” said our judges. 

Gale Digital Scholar Lab

(Image credit: Gale Digital Scholar Lab)

Gale, Part of the Cengage Group Gale Digital Scholar Lab (opens in new tab) 
The Gale Digital Scholar Lab, a.k.a. “The Lab,” is a cloud-based tool that helps students and faculty members access and analyze Gale primary source material with its powerful search function that makes utilizing historical texts more accessible. “This tool allows the user to access primary sources in a unique way,” said the judges. “Research using this platform can save time and allow for greater collaboration.” 

iSpring Solutions iSpring Suite

(Image credit: iSpring Solutions)

iSpring Solutions iSpring Suite (opens in new tab) 
iSpring Suite is a tool for creating interactive courses, video lectures, tests, role-play simulations, and flipbooks that can be utilized as a PowerPoint add-in. Content created in iSpring Suite can be used with different learning management systems including Moodle, Blackboard, and Canvas. The judges said the product would definitely help faculty members move their courses online or improve existing online courses.

Muzzy Lane Author

(Image credit: Muzzy Lane)

Muzzy Lane Muzzy Lane Author (opens in new tab)
Muzzy Lane Author is designed to be a scalable online authoring platform that enables instructional designers, instructors, trainers, and other educators, to create online simulations and auto-assessments that foster academic and/or professional growth. “This product is a great value that has the features and support to [help educators] move to online instruction or improve your current online program,’ said the judges. 

Faculty Information System, Course Evaluations, and Teaching Assignment Management System

(Image credit: People Admin)

PeopleAdmin Faculty Information System, Course Evaluations, and Teaching Assignment Management System (opens in new tab)
This tool is designed to create an ecosystem for faculty that reduces administrative burden and helps with everything from managing course evaluations to onboarding new faculty. “There is a great need for this type of technology in the higher ed space,” the judges said. “This tool helps to make information accessible and frees up time for faculty to focus on student outcomes.” 

Planar® MGP Series LED Video Wall

(Image credit: Planar®)

Planar Planar® MGP Series LED Video Wall (opens in new tab)
The Planer MGP LED Video Wall series of fine-pitch LED video wall displays left our judges impressed.  “The video wall provides spectacular HD and 4K resolution over a very large area in classrooms, lecture halls, and auditoriums,” they said. “The Planar MGP Series allows education facilities to implement a video-wall technology and elevate viewing experiences without breaking the bank.” 

Samsung Interactive Pro

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung Samsung Interactive Pro (Model Name: WMB)  (opens in new tab)
The Samsung Interactive Pro is an interactive display available in 75- or 85-inch versions that can be connected with up to 50 devices at a time.  “Not only does this Interactive Panel by Samsung offer stunning, vibrant displays of life-like content for learning, but this product is amazingly versatile in accepting content from many curriculum companies,” said the judges. 


(Image credit: ScrScreencast-O-Matic)

Screencast-O-Matic Screencast-O-Matic (opens in new tab)
Screencast-O-Matic is an all-in-one screen capture, video creation, media management, and sharing tool for higher education that can help educators foster engagement and interactive learning as well as prepare flipped lessons. “This is a great product with a full feature set at a very affordable price,” said the judges. 

Shure Incorporated Stem Ecosystem

(Image credit: Shure Incorporated)

Shure Incorporated Stem Ecosystem (opens in new tab)
Shure’s Stem Ecosystem customizable audio options include wall and table speakerphones, a ceiling microphone, and utilizes a recent firmware v2.5 update.  The judges were impressed with the ease of use of the tool. “The Shure Stem Ecosystem really does a nice job of bringing all of the tools needed for teachers to easily manage a distance or hybrid learning classroom from an audio standpoint,” said T&L’s judges. 

Viewsonic ID2456 Touch Display

(Image credit: ViewSonic Corp. )

ViewSonic Corp. ViewSonic® ID2456 Touch Display  (opens in new tab)
The ViewSonic® ID2456 is a multifunctional 24-inch touch display designed for learning. It is compatible with Windows, Android, Chrome and macOS and comes with a sensitive stylus pen. The judges praised its price and the “wonderful functionality” it brings “to laptops or desktop computers by bringing the power of touch to these devices as well as additional viewing real estate.”

Cintiq Pro 27

(Image credit: Wacom)

Wacom Wacom Cintiq Pro 27 (opens in new tab)
Wacom Cintiq Pro 27 pen display is a digital canvas designed for creative professionals (2D illustrators, 3D modelers, animators, and game developers) and works with creative software applications. “This looks like an awesome product for art students to architects,” said the judges. “It offers versatility from the classroom into the professional world.”