Tower Princess Xbox

You know the story by now: princess gets kidnapped and needs saving. You are the only knight in the land worthy enough and must do so by the order of their father. However, these princes and princesses are a little different. Once saved, they can help you to recover the others with their own unique abilities. Find out all how this works in Tower Princess, out today on Xbox.

Tower Princess is a 3D action roguelite with a story as old as time itself, all wrapped up in an unusual art style. The worlds you roam – whilst retaining the cartoon style visuals – are not cel-shaded. Your knight, prince and princesses, and enemies are, however. It looks unusual but helps retain a light and fun atmosphere.

Like most roguelites, Tower Princess has procedural generation, meaning no two dungeons are the same. You are expected to die before you start levelling up so don’t expect to know your way around these dungeons as you enter multiple times.

Of course, save a prince or princess and they can assist you to save the others. Work together to save them all and save the world.

Tower Princess is out later today on the Xbox Store, priced at £14.99. If you want a head start in saving them, grab the game now and get an introductory discount, dropping the price to £11.99 for a short time. And as always, our review will be on its way to you soon, so stay tuned.

Game description

Long ago, in a land far, far away, the Evil Dragon captured every royal heir he could meet. Many worthy cavaliers from every kingdom tried to resist the monster, but to no avail. It’s your turn! You have to do everything possible to go through the dungeon, defeat the dragon and organize the most perfect date! Experience an adventure in an ever-changing castle with 3 procedurally generated areas; Challenge the inhabitants of the castle using the random qualities of your knight; Before your “and they lived happily ever after”, you have to win the heart of a princess or prince! Call them for the perfect DATE and fight the Evil Dragon with your significant other! Use the mistakes of your predecessors with the upgrade system, using the experience gained with previous adventurers! Enjoy a stunning visual style that retains the spirit of classic dungeon crawlers but turned into a fun cartoon parody!