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Team Liquid announced they have signed Protoss player (Wiki)SKillous.

As a Russian national, SKillous was displaced when the Russian invasion of Ukraine began while he was competing at (Wiki)IEM Katowice 2022 in Poland. Since then, Team Liquid had been harboring SKillous at their facility in the Netherlands for nearly a year. During that time, Team Liquid saw that SKillous fit in well with the rest of the team, and have ultimately decided to officially sign him as a player. “He’s a really skilled player in When we thought about it, we thought he would be a great addition to Team Liquid and our continuous investment in StarCraft II.” said Victor “Nazgul” Goossens.

SKillous is also the recipient of the first esports visa issued by the Netherlands, according to Team Liquid.

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Thats great !

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Congratulations, nice pick up

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nice, congrats!

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its about damn time. TL will comeback strong in next WTL season.

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Congratulations SKillous! Teamliquid has always been a dream time of mine, seems like an amazing fit for him.

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What a great story and a great pick-up! Gratz and GLHF to all involved!

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Such a great guy!! Happy for you and the team!!


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Get this guy some Z’s on his uniform!

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I’m so happy about this! SKillous is a great guy and he is putting in so much effort to become a stronger player every day. Looking forwards to seeing him represent TL in 2023!



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“Russian invasion of Ukraine”
Lies repeated thousand times becomes the truth (c) Joseph Goebbels

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Extremely happy for Nikita, well deserved and i hope for his incredible performance under TL flag!
Has been always cheering for him, big loss for not attending this years Katowice, SKillous has been on fire the whole year

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On January 07 2023 05:15 Areanon wrote:
“Russian invasion of Ukraine”
Lies repeated thousand times becomes the truth (c) Joseph Goebbels

Oh shut the hell up

Congrats Skillous and TL, seems like a great fit!

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Congrats Skillous! Hopefully his family is OK too since he spoke up against Russia.

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Talented, humble, and level-headed guy. I’d sign him a million times over. Super well deserved!

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great job TL!
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Great to see!

I can’t imagine how difficult his situation has been for the past year. Hopefully he’s able to find some personal and professional stability in all this.

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