Key points:

  • While some reports have teachers wary of AI in the classroom, a new survey reveals that approximately half of teachers are excited about its potential
  • Teachers say they can use AI for research, lesson plans, generating classroom materials, and more
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Roughly half of teachers say they are excited about AI’s potential in the classroom and say they believe it increases learning equity, according to a new survey from study platform Quizlet

The first-ever State of AI in Education Report polled students and teachers in the U.S. on how they are using AI in the classroom and how these technologies are shaping the future of education.

Key findings include:

  • 62 percent of all respondents have used AI technologies
  • Students agree that AI technologies help them better understand material
  • (73 percent) and study faster or more efficiently (67 percent)
  • Students who study three hours or more per night are more likely to say they have used AI technologies
  • A similar percentage of students (47 percent) and teachers (48 percent) say AI technologies have had a positive impact on the student learning experience
  • 42 percent of all respondents report that AI creates a more equitable system

Teachers are leading the AI charge

When it comes to ChatGPT and other AI technologies, media headlines have positioned students as early adopters and teachers as skeptics, but Quizlet’s research tells a different story: more teachers use these technologies than students (65 percent vs. 61 percent) and teachers also have a more positive sentiment towards these technologies, with 50 percent of teachers reporting they are excited or optimistic about AI in the classroom compared to 39 percent of students. Students were more likely to be neutral about AI’s role in education (20 percent compared to 10 percent of teachers).

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