Horror Tale 2: Samantha Review

Making a sequel is hard. In fact, it could be seen as a frightening prospect.  Read More →

Torn Away Review

In games, wars are usually things we fight in. Gunning people down, riding tanks, flying Read More →

Hidden Cats in London Review

We’ve had A Building Full of Cats and A Castle Full of Cats, now we Read More →

Project Blue Review

I keep forgetting just how far video games have come. I still assume that everyone Read More →

Ugly Review

I find myself getting over-excited about triple-A games, much like a giddy school boy. And Read More →

Royal Roads 2 Review

Of all the indie franchises that repeatedly release on the Xbox Store, the ‘Gnomes Garden’ Read More →

Ultimate General: Gettysburg Review

What I love about playing games is not just the entertainment, nor the storytelling or Read More →

Envasion Review

We’re trying not to be distracted by the truly terrible title, but ugh, just look Read More →

One Button Games 5-in-1 Review

You can’t do a lot with one button. Turn on a light switch, yes. Make Read More →

World of Solitaire Review

I shouldn’t love World of Solitaire as much as I do. For all of its Read More →

The Snow Fable: Mystery of the Flame Review

The Snow Fable: Mystery of the Flame is one of those post-Puzzle Quest games where Read More →

Crown of the Empire 2: Around the World Review

We have no issue with publishers who put out a game every other week, as Read More →

Deadliest Catch: The Game Review

Deadliest Catch is a reality TV series that follows the exploits of a bunch of Read More →

Roads of Time Review

That’s it. I’m doomed to play 8floor games until the day I keel over. Somehow Read More →

Crown of the Empire Review

You’ve got to wonder how many more accessible city-builders 8floor Ltd have got in their Read More →

Sugar Tanks Review

EpiXR Games are best known for their games where you’re soaring. Aery, Paper Flight and Read More →

Last Labyrinth -Lucidity Lost- Review

Surrounded by complete darkness and heavily restrained in an antiquated wheelchair, life looks bleak. But Read More →

Garden City Review

Garden City is not a game themed around Welwyn or Letchworth (I know, I know, Read More →

Herodes Review

If you’re going to pick a movie to steal from, you could do a lot Read More →

Kingdom Rush Origins Review

Who would’ve thought that the Kingdom Rush series would be given a new lease of Read More →

Filthy Animals: Heist Simulator Review

There it is again. That word. It strikes fear into the hearts of some, and Read More →

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